Make Up Store Haul

Earlier this summer I went to Make Up Store, a great store for all kinds of make up and nail polish. I got three polishes, Nicklas, Greta and Ester.

Make Up StoreEster is a nude beige shimmer, opaque in two coats. Quite work appropriate and neutral.

Nicklas is a blue/turquoise sheer shimmer, and this one made me so frustrated. I had to have five coats to achieve bottle color, and that’s why I didn’t even bother to clean up in this pic. Won’t be using that one a lot, even if the color is nice. Perhaps it’s suitable for layering.

Greta is a grey/blue holo, and it’s stunning! Two coats is enough, if you manage to avoid bald spots. It sparkles wonderfully in the sunlight, completely mesmerizing.

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  1. ggrrggh – polish that requires 5 coats is just ridiculous isn’t it – step up OPI’s Brand New Skates. After all who wants sheer grey or blue. I’m thinking of adding a toning polish or pigment to mine to try and opaque it up!

  2. What a pain to have to paint that many layers. I hate polishes like that. Good idea to add some eyeshadow of the same color.

  3. love your swatches! Especially the holo – you captured the effect with the sun so well!
    I love the makeupstore-holos :)

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