NOTD: Isadora Gladiolus and Make Up Store Lava

Today I wanted to try one of the polishes I never use, and see if I could make it work somehow. I found this oldie, Isadora Gladiolus, a wine colored purple shimmer. I think I bought it like 8 years ago, and I really don’t know why. Most of my old polishes are dark and wine-y, so I guess that were my favorites back then.

To give it a bit more oomph, I layered it with Make Up Store Lava. Lava is a multicolored flakie, and it’s so beautiful! I was so happy when I got my hands on this one, because it’s now discontinued. I got the very last one in the store, thanks to a good friend who sent it to me.

I think flakies can save almost any drab polish. Just look at these fireworks! It kinda looks like a vampier version of Nfu-Oh #51, my favorite polish ever. Literally every color of the rainbow is present, and I’m twisting and turning my hands every which way to admire the colors.

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Brite as base coat, two coats of Gladiolus, one coat of Lava and one coat of OPI Top Coat. I finished it off with OPI Drip Dry. The formula of Gladiolus was a bit on the thick side, but that’s probably because it’s so old. Easily fixed with a bit of thinner I guess.



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  1. Looks beautiful! :)

  2. neglelakkmani

    I love Lava! Looks great! :D

  3. Everything is better with glitter! I think that’s probably a lovely color. Maybe it’s where you are now that’s makes you feel differently about polish. Your nails do look gorgeous. I don’t own any Nfu-oh’s. Someday I’ll get some of those beautiful flakies!

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