NOTD: OPI DS Chiffon

OPIDSchiffonToday I present to you OPI DS Chiffon! It’s a polish from OPI’s original Designer Series, and I actually think it’s discontinued. I found it at the Nazih store last week, probably the ultimate dusty shop (or should I say sandy shop?). This collection has a subtle holograpic flash.

This is another happy color for me! I was literally humming to “Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful” as I was applying it, and I could practically see the little birds floating above my head.

I’m usually not drawn to pink polishes, but this one has that little extra that makes it special. Indoors it’s a subtle nude pink, but outside it turns a beautiful baby pink that shines and sparkles like a rainbow. I feel like I have yummy pink candy on my fingertips. After putting this on, I sauntered up to my husband waving my nails in his face purring “PRETTYYY!” (Yeah, I think he knows I’m crazy by now, this just confirms the deal.) This is one of those polishes where you stare at your nails constantly, to the point of being a traffic hazard. Can you tell that I love it?!

Application is like butter, and it’s nice and opaque in two coats. I use my usual combo of Sally Hansen Insta-Brite and OPI Ridge Filler as base, and Poshé on top.

On to the pictures! These are in the regular order of indoors, no flash, indoors with flash, direct sunlight and shade. Lookit the pretty pretty polish!

OPIDSchiffon_i_nf OPIDSchiffon_i_f

OPIDSchiffon_ds OPIDSchiffon_s

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  1. That is just gorgeous on you! I don’t have this one. I’m trying to buy all the DS series. There are a load of them that have been discontinuted. Someday I’ll find them. When I wear holos I’m constantly looking at how pretty the colors are on my nails! I like the sandy shop!

  2. I red this post months ago, and had to buy this on ebay. I love it!

  3. I love it, and it made me haul som more DS polishes. Arrghh! I’m far away from home, just brought 3 polishes with me. I bought some the other day, but you get what you pay for …

    On the other hand: By web-cam my husband showed med what what is the mail: The Up & Away-collection from China Glaze, a haul of several other polishes and Scrangie and Orbis Non Sufficit from RBL. I’ll just have to be patient … :) :) :)

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