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NOTD: OPI La Paz-Itively Hot Matte

When the matte polish trend started appearing, I didn’t like it at all. The matte finish reminds me of chalkboards, and nails and chalkboards DON’T MIX! Ewww eww eww!

But then I discovered that the mattes came in other colors than white, black, grey and green. Pink, blue and purple mattes? I’m in!

I totally fell in love with this color, La Paz-Itively Hot Matte. It reminds me of pink velvet, it’s so sophisticated and nice. The color is hot fuchsia with a blue flash. This is one of those colors that makes me keep looking at my nails all day.

It’s been said that application of mattes is hard, but I found it a lot easier than I thought. If you apply the polish reasonably fast and with a steady hand, it’s not that hard. But be aware that every brushstroke will show, and the polish dries really fast. I used three coats for this, over Essie Millionails. (Yes, I know that you’re not supposed to use base- or topcoat with these, but I cringe at the thought of putting polish on my bare nails.)

I only have outdoors pics today, because frankly, the indoors pics sucked. :P

From left: Direct sunlight and shade.
La Paz-Itively Hot Matte (sunlight)La Paz-Itively Hot Matte (shade)

And just for fun, I put some polkadots in shiny topcoat over it. Looks really cute!
La Paz-Itively Hot Matte w polkadots

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I was having such a bad day yesterday, feeling homesick and missing my cat, and then my husband came home with a great surprise to lift my mood: My Trans Design package! :D
It’s so great to know that they still sell China Glaze to us foreigners, I got a lot of CG lemmings this time.

Enjoy the picspam!

Russian Navy Matte, La Paz-Itively Hot Matte, Kinky in Helsinki.

Man of La Mancha, Cozu-Melted in the Sun, Peach-a-boo!

Give Me The Moon, Sea! I Told You, If The Fuchsia Fits.

Don’t Be A Square, Sex On The Beach, QT.

Caribbean Blue, For Audrey, Blue Island Ice Tea.

Coconut Kiss, Strawberry Fields, Fairy Dust.

Skate Night, Thunderbird, Ruby Pumps.

And I also got two bottles of Poshé top coat and a bottle of Essie Millionails which I will use as a strenghtening base coat.

I’m in heaven! :D

NOTD: China Glaze Awaken

It’s fun to go through the untrieds pile, but sometimes I just have to go back to some old favorites. Like this one, China Glaze Awaken from the Romantique collection.

I got this from Kicks this summer, and it was an instant favorite. It’s a rich, deep charcoal metallic, but the color is not just grey. In some lights, it almost looks blue or purple, and it reminds me of a pigeon’s feathers. Lovely.

Application is good, just like the other Romantiques it covers excellently. You don’t need more than one coat, but if you have unsteady hands like me, you’d probably want to even things out with a second coat. It’s extremely proned to streaking, so if you’re a perfectionist, forget about it. ;)

First pics are from the left: Direct sunlight and shade.
CG Awaken (sunlight)CG Awaken (shade)

And these are from the left: No flash and with flash.
CG Awaken (no flash)CG Awaken (flash)

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NOTD: Misa A Sin Worth Committing

I was experimenting with my Lava yesterday, trying how it would look on it’s own. Well, the result was kinda like I had been out in the snow for ten hours without any clothes, because my nails looked frozen blue. But sparkly, nonetheless.

After that fiasco, I had to put on something that definitely has color, so I picked Misa A Sin Worth Committing. This dark blue shimmer is from the Poisoned Passion collection. First of all, I love the name, and of course the color itself is gorgeous. When you’re inside, the polish looks like a creme, but when the light hits it, the beautiful, deep shimmer appears. It reminds me of a blue WnW polish I had in high school, that definitely brings back memories…

The application is so-so. The polish was really thick, so I had to put 2-3 drops of thinner in it right away. Still, it felt thick and runny at the same time, but I guess that’s the Big 3 free formula for you. I put two coats over basecoat with Poshé on top. The color is really rich, so if you’re lucky, you could get away with one coat. I had to even it out with two, as mentioned.

Check out these pics!
Indoors, no flash and indoors with flash.

Misa ASWC (no flash)Misa ASWC (flash)

Outdoors, shade and sunlight.

Misa ASWC (shade)Misa ASWC (sunlight)

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NOTD: China Glaze Cowgirl Up

Sorry about the lack of nailpolish posts this week, but the truth is I’ve had some bad nailpolish days. This one is good enough to show, however.

Today I’m wearing China Glaze Cowgirl Up from the Rodeo Diva Collection. I have to say that this color is all love! It’s a deep, dark purple shimmer, and I can’t stop staring at my nails! I love polishes that make my nails look like jewels.

Application is a bit runny and gloopy, but it turned out ok in the end. I thought it was going to be a little streaky, but it wasn’t at all. Two coats covers nicely.

I’m sorry, but there will be no sunlight/shade pics today. It’s so humid outside that the camera immediately fogs over when I go outside. So just enjoy these indoors pics instead.

No flash:

Cowgirl Up1Cowgirl Up2

With flash:

Cowgirl Up3Cowgirl Up 4

See the blue shimmer in the flash pics? Wonderful! And I really think that these darker colors go so well with the lenght of my nails. They’re slowly starting to grow out, but they are thin and soft after removing the gels. I hope the biotin supplement will make them stronger.


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