Dupes or not?

The other day when I got the Dior polishes, I had a sneaking suspicion that two of them were dupes for polishes I already had. So I had to make some swatches to make sure whether they were or not.

The first three are Nfu-Oh #83, Dior Pink Socialite and Bourjois Club à Miami #17. They are all pink jellies with glitter suspended in them.


And here they are on the nails. They are from left to right the same as in the bottle pic. I used three coats for each of them, over ridge filler and no top coat.

comp 1 nails

As you can see, they are not total dupes, though Nfu-Oh #83 and Dior Pink Socialite are pretty similar. Dior is a bit darker than Nfu-Oh, and Nfu-Oh has both gold, blue and purple glitter, whereas Dior only has gold glitter. Bourjois has gold glitter, and also larger, multicolored glitter. It’s also lighter and more sheer than the others.

The second comparison heat consists of Bourjois 1 seconde #9, Dior Liquorice and OPI Midnight in Moscow.


Already here you can kinda tell that Midnight in Moscow really doesn’t have anything to do with the two others, but it’s also a dark polish with microglitter.

On the nails. I used two coats over ridge filler, and no top coat.

comp 2 nails

The Bourjois and the Dior are clearly purple, while I’m not quite sure what base color the OPI is. Black or charcoal? The Bourjois is darker than the Dior, and has purple glitter, while the Dior has gold glitter. The OPI has red or burgundy glitter.

So in conclusion, no dupes, just similiarities.

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  1. All pretty in their own right, but I think you’re right, no dupes, but a couple are pretty close. However, I have to say that OPI Midnight In Moscow is something I’m gonna need. ;) Thanks for showing me that!

    • Thanks! :)

      Yes, some are quite similar. The purple bourjois looks more black in the pic, but it’s actually more purple than it seems. Midnight in Moscow is pretty, that was an impulse buy for me. Will look great in fall/winter. :)

  2. Midnight in Moscow is gorgeous! I’ll have to get that one also. They are all so close. Just a shade of a difference here and there. A non-fanatic wouldn’t even see how or why their different. I hate when they’re very close. I’ve been gettin too many of those lately.

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