NOTD: China Glaze Admire and Mini Bourjois Gold Glitter

China Glaze AdmireI know it’s starting to look like a China Glaze billboard in here, I think I’m subconsciously choosing CG polishes because I know they’re hard to get for me now.

Anyway, today I chose China Glaze Admire from the Romantique Collection. It’s a light pink metallic, almost beigeish. It actually reminds me of Chanel Perle Rosée, except more metallic. This suits me well now that I’m having a “pink streak”. I’ve never been a big fan of pink before, but now I suddenly have a craving for pinks.

I like this polish, I really do, but it’s not easy to love it. Because it’s metallic, it’s extremely streaky to apply, and it shows every tiny little (or big!) imperfection of the nail. Sometimes it gets so streaky that I just have to remove it straight away, because I think it looks dirty. So 4 out of 5 times I end up changing this polish. Today wasn’t too bad, so I was able to take some photos of it.

The application, except for the streakyness, is good. It’s not gloopy or runny, and it’s very opaque. You could get away with only one coat, it’s very saturated. That’s also why this collection works so well with Konad. I used two coats to even things out.

Pictures! As usual, the order is indoors (no flash), flash, sunlight and shade. The indoor pics are the most color accurate. The outdoor pics show the color as blueish, which it’s not.

ChG Admire (no flash)ChG Admire (flash)

ChG Admire (sunlight)ChG Admire (shade)

I still wanted some more bling, so I put some gold glitter in form of a Bourjois mini over it. It’s not my classiest manicure, but I like the little gold flecks. I put two coats of the glitter on top of the pink.

Pictures are outdoors in shade and indoors without flash. I found that the direct sunlight or flash obscured the glitter instead of showing it.

ChG + CaM (shade)ChG + CaM (no flash)

(Whoa, and  blogging has been a battle today! My mobile broadband keeps shutting down, and I have to reconnect and search for signal all the time. I miss my Norwegian internet!)

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  1. Første jeg tenkte var “så fin en farge, denne vil jeg ha!” Men etterhvert kom jeg på at jeg allerede hadde den *lol* Helt enig i at den ikke er den beste å påføre fint, men den er super til konadtrykk! :D

  2. This is a very pretty pink. I love that look. Also love the glitter. I am a glitter maniac! I don’t mind brush strokes. Sometimes I think they look nice. I’m a bit crazy!

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