Product review: Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads

Some weeks ago I was browsing the cosmetics section at Carrefour, and then I picked up this box of “Quickies” nail polish remover pads. I thought they would be nice to have in my purse in case of a nail polish removing emergency or something. The price is 10.50 QR, about 3 USD.

quickies 1

The box contains 20 quilted polish remover pads, and the box is sealable to prevent them from drying out. It really works, because I found out that my box actually had been opened when I got home from the store, but it’s been sitting in my purse for three or four weeks now, and they are still moist.

quickies 2

I didn’t have high hopes for this product, but I thought I would try them anyway. But hey, they work like a charm! I had dense glitter polish on, and it removed the polish like it wasn’t even there! I’m used to struggling to get glitter polish off, so this was a pleasant surprise. The pads didn’t dissolve or break, and didn’t leave any color residue on the fingers. I used only five pads to remove polish from all 10 nails, I think that’s pretty darn good, don’t you? The nails didn’t seem dry after use.

There are some downsides, though. The first is that they feel really greasy, so I needed to wash my hands after use. That’s not exactly ideal for an on-the-go product like this. The other is the smell. It has a strong, sickly-sweet perfume, it’s rather overpowering. Luckily, the box closes very well, so you don’t feel the smell when you’re not using it.

I think I’ll be using this for glitter polish removing from now on. It’s nice to find a product that keeps the promises it makes, i.e. : “These large, thick pads effectively remove all traces of nail varnish – quickly!”

Quickies can be found at Carrefour or Boots.

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  1. Wish we had them in the States. That’s good in a way that they’re a little greasy. Maybe they’ll moisturize your cuticles at the same time. I have a jar of polish remover with soft plastic bristles that I use to remove my polish. It’s really easy to just dip in your finger. It also does a good job on the glitter.

    • It says on the box that they are moisturizing, so that’s probably why they are so greasy.
      I have some pots with foam rubber and nail polish remover, they work great as well!

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