NOTD: OPI La Paz-Itively Hot Matte

When the matte polish trend started appearing, I didn’t like it at all. The matte finish reminds me of chalkboards, and nails and chalkboards DON’T MIX! Ewww eww eww!

But then I discovered that the mattes came in other colors than white, black, grey and green. Pink, blue and purple mattes? I’m in!

I totally fell in love with this color, La Paz-Itively Hot Matte. It reminds me of pink velvet, it’s so sophisticated and nice. The color is hot fuchsia with a blue flash. This is one of those colors that makes me keep looking at my nails all day.

It’s been said that application of mattes is hard, but I found it a lot easier than I thought. If you apply the polish reasonably fast and with a steady hand, it’s not that hard. But be aware that every brushstroke will show, and the polish dries really fast. I used three coats for this, over Essie Millionails. (Yes, I know that you’re not supposed to use base- or topcoat with these, but I cringe at the thought of putting polish on my bare nails.)

I only have outdoors pics today, because frankly, the indoors pics sucked. :P

From left: Direct sunlight and shade.
La Paz-Itively Hot Matte (sunlight)La Paz-Itively Hot Matte (shade)

And just for fun, I put some polkadots in shiny topcoat over it. Looks really cute!
La Paz-Itively Hot Matte w polkadots

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. I’m still not on the matte train! I haven’t been convinced to try it yet. However, it is appealing with the additionof the shiny dots! It looks pretty on your nails, just don’t want to try it for myself. :P

  2. Liker egnentlig matte lakker godt, men er helt enig i at det er ikke alle som er like fine. Denne var ihvertfall skikkelig lekker :D

  3. Den var faktisk veldig fin, selv om den var matt. Det kommer nok an på fargen. :)

    • Jeg har fått helt dilla på matt, jeg, men det må være de rette fargene. :)
      Gleder meg til jeg får de matte overlakkene jeg har bestilt på Ebay.

  4. That is one matte that I really love. The color is gorgeous on you. It’s also nice to see it on someone with nails your length. I love everyone’s super long nails. They are beautiful. Also long nails that are an inch past their finers. Lovely. i need to see some shorter than that once in awhile. I’m trying to grow my nails. They are getting longer. Thanks to taking Biotin. Now back to your manicure. That is super sweet with the shiny dots. I love it.

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