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Tag: Ten random facts

Gejba at Parokeets tagged me with a I Think You Are An Awesome Girl award, thanks Gejba! :D


If I understand correctly, I’m supposed to give ten random facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I’m a registered nurse, but I also have a marketing degree and have been in acting school.
2. I’ve been gruesomly killed by an outboard motor in an amateur slasher movie called “Damn Hippies”.
3. I love trashy reality shows like “Top Model”, “Project Runway” and “Hell’s Kitchen”.
4. I have a cat called Gizmo.
5. I have two sisters that are 11 and 14 years older than me, respectively.
6. I’m a night owl, and I much prefer staying up all night to getting up early in the morning.
7. I love walking around in grocery stores looking at all the stuff.
8. I’ve had every hair color from black to white, even grey! (That was an accident, though.)
9. I refuse to read “The DaVinci Code” just because I’m stubborn.
10. My favorite tv show is “House”.

I’m also supposed to tag 10 other bloggers, but I think all the blogs I love already have been tagged, so this chain ends with me. :)

I’m lost for words!

My husband came home with a package today, no other than the package that’s been lost in space forever! I had written it off, so I was so surprised when it finally showed up. The reason was that it had been held up in customs. Yeah, they probably needed three months to check out my nail polishes. ;)

Here are some haul pics!

Glacier Bay Blues, Ink, DS Extravagance, I Pink I Love You.
003 [1024x768]

Paper Chasing (so that’s where that was!), Holiday Spirit, Adore.
004 [1024x768]

Poshé, Seche Restore, Seche Vite, Nail Envy, Drip Dry Drops.
008 [1024x768]

I didn’t include pics of Ruby Pumps, Coconut Kiss and Sea! I Told You, because I’ve already got them. I thought this package was lost forever, so I went and re-ordered them in my other TD haul.

At least now I have enough nailpolish for a while! I think, maybe… ;)

Matte Lava

Hi, everybody, I’m back! I’ve had a lovely autumn vacation in Norway, it was so nice to see my family and friends again (and the cat!).

Back in Qatar, I had no less than three bottles of Essie Matte About You waiting for me in the mail. I’m so excited, I want to matteify everything! I particularly love the way glitters look matte, so I have a lot of stuff to play with now.

For this mani I used Misa A Sin Worth Committing and Make Up Store Lava with a coat of Essie MAY. Looooove!

Please disregard my gnarly cuticles, I’ve been a bad girl and chewed on them.
Also, my index finger nail is so short because it suddenly just fell off while I was sleeping!

Enough with the excuses, on with the pics!

I barely got a sunlight shot, as the sun was setting the minute I finished my mani:

And shade:
misalavamatte shade

Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever?! :D

Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

NOTD: Color Club Ultra Violet

Today’s polish is from Color Club’s Electro Candy Collection, a collection of neons. And this one is pure love for me! I’m talking about Color Club Ultra Violet, a beautiful purple with blue/green duochrome. What a fantastic color, this is one of my favorite polishes.

Application is FLAWLESS! Not runny, not streaky, not goopy, but JUST RIGHT! It is quite sheer, so I used three coats over basecoat, and Poshé on top. It’s so manageable, so I didn’t even have to do any cleanup, ladies and gentlemen! Quite an accomplishment with my usually shaky hands.

These pictures are both indoors, the first under artificial light without flash, the second with flash. You can really see the beautiful blue/green shimmer in these.
Color Club Ultra Violet (no flash)Color Club Ultra Violet (flash)

In other news, Ramadan is nearing the end, and the holiday of Eid is coming up. So next week we’re packing our bags and leaving for Norway during the days off. I don’t know if I’ll be doing a lot of polishing while in Norway, but I hope you’ll still keep an eye on my blog. :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

OMG, layerz!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Hyatt Plaza, a shopping centre in Doha. I found a really cool Japanese store there (The Daiso) where everything costs 7 QR, and of course I went right for the nail stuff. I picked up three glitter polishes, one pink, one red and gold and one with big gold flakes.

I was going to try layering the pink one over black (Gosh Nero) today, but ended up using both the pink and the red.


The pink one is called Winmax Diamond Nail Enamel, and the red and gold one is called Winmax Pedicure Nail Enamel. I still used the pedicure one on my finger nails, because I’m crrraaazy like that.

So, I started this experiment with one layer of Gosh Nero, a beautiful black creme that is opaque in one coat. I love this black, it’s so manageable. Then, I used one coat of what I thought was a pink glitter, but it turns out it looks silver when layered over black. I wanted some more color, so I pulled out the red and gold glitter and put two coats of that on top. The result is mesmerizingly tacky, and I love it!

All of these pics are taken indoors, and I don’t remember which are with or without flash. I’ve found that there’s no use in taking sunlight pics of glitter polishes, as the sun just washes the glitter out and makes it look grainy. (Or maybe I’m just a lousy photographer, who knows.)




Hope you like my layerz! :D


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