OMG, layerz!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Hyatt Plaza, a shopping centre in Doha. I found a really cool Japanese store there (The Daiso) where everything costs 7 QR, and of course I went right for the nail stuff. I picked up three glitter polishes, one pink, one red and gold and one with big gold flakes.

I was going to try layering the pink one over black (Gosh Nero) today, but ended up using both the pink and the red.


The pink one is called Winmax Diamond Nail Enamel, and the red and gold one is called Winmax Pedicure Nail Enamel. I still used the pedicure one on my finger nails, because I’m crrraaazy like that.

So, I started this experiment with one layer of Gosh Nero, a beautiful black creme that is opaque in one coat. I love this black, it’s so manageable. Then, I used one coat of what I thought was a pink glitter, but it turns out it looks silver when layered over black. I wanted some more color, so I pulled out the red and gold glitter and put two coats of that on top. The result is mesmerizingly tacky, and I love it!

All of these pics are taken indoors, and I don’t remember which are with or without flash. I’ve found that there’s no use in taking sunlight pics of glitter polishes, as the sun just washes the glitter out and makes it look grainy. (Or maybe I’m just a lousy photographer, who knows.)




Hope you like my layerz! :D

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  1. Love this look! Your nails look awesome. I like the mix of glitters. I like the style of the polish bottles. They remind me of polishes I’ve seen in old movies. Are they difficult to use with the long handles?

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