I’m lost for words!

My husband came home with a package today, no other than the package that’s been lost in space forever! I had written it off, so I was so surprised when it finally showed up. The reason was that it had been held up in customs. Yeah, they probably needed three months to check out my nail polishes. ;)

Here are some haul pics!

Glacier Bay Blues, Ink, DS Extravagance, I Pink I Love You.
003 [1024x768]

Paper Chasing (so that’s where that was!), Holiday Spirit, Adore.
004 [1024x768]

Poshé, Seche Restore, Seche Vite, Nail Envy, Drip Dry Drops.
008 [1024x768]

I didn’t include pics of Ruby Pumps, Coconut Kiss and Sea! I Told You, because I’ve already got them. I thought this package was lost forever, so I went and re-ordered them in my other TD haul.

At least now I have enough nailpolish for a while! I think, maybe… ;)

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  1. I’m glad to hear your package found it’s way to you. It certainly looks good. Hope to see swatches soon.

    I tagged you on my blog. Come and check it out.

  2. Holy cow, I remember you writing about this one never coming! How about it showing up finally, very cool!

    • Yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Well, at least now I got the ones that were out of stock when I tried to order them the second time, I’m particularly happy about getting Ink and Glacier Bay Blues. :)

  3. Wow, it’s about time! I guess you did think this was lost forever. Now I get to see some nice swatches. I’m happy for you.

  4. So glad it finally came! What would you have done without OPI Ink? My all time fave.

    Now you have some polish to play with. Great news!

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