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Gejba at Parokeets tagged me with a I Think You Are An Awesome Girl award, thanks Gejba! :D


If I understand correctly, I’m supposed to give ten random facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I’m a registered nurse, but I also have a marketing degree and have been in acting school.
2. I’ve been gruesomly killed by an outboard motor in an amateur slasher movie called “Damn Hippies”.
3. I love trashy reality shows like “Top Model”, “Project Runway” and “Hell’s Kitchen”.
4. I have a cat called Gizmo.
5. I have two sisters that are 11 and 14 years older than me, respectively.
6. I’m a night owl, and I much prefer staying up all night to getting up early in the morning.
7. I love walking around in grocery stores looking at all the stuff.
8. I’ve had every hair color from black to white, even grey! (That was an accident, though.)
9. I refuse to read “The DaVinci Code” just because I’m stubborn.
10. My favorite tv show is “House”.

I’m also supposed to tag 10 other bloggers, but I think all the blogs I love already have been tagged, so this chain ends with me. :)

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  1. Haha, I think I tagged you for this, but you were away, or I meant to, but thought you were away? At any rate, LOVED reading yours.
    Especially got a kick out of you being in a slasher movie! :D
    I’ve had all kinds of hair color too. Always wanted to try a very pale blonde but I’m totally convinced I would look awful like that.
    And I’m a night owl too!
    I don’t think you’re missing much with the DaVinci Code. There are so many more interesting books that are more based in truth than that, and less sensational, more historical!

  2. Niki will kill me if I don’t do this also! I love these things. Pretty cool being in a movie. I like The DaVinci Code! I also love fiction books on this subject. So there, haha! I love looking in grocery stores. When I worked at night I would get off at 2AM and go to the grocery store. I would be there forever going up and down each aisle. I had to sometimes dodge the mopping machine but I still got to look around. Enjoyed reading about you.

  3. Now, this were some fun facts! :))) I love it! And just for info – don’t read DaVinci Code, read Angels & Demons that’s the good one. :)

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