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NOTD: Nfu-Oh #51

I first saw this polish on Karianne’s blog this summer, and I was so awestruck! I had to have the beauty that’s Nfu-Oh #51! When I finally got it, I was practically carrying the bottle around wheezing “my precioussss”.

How can I describe this? It’s a blue-green-purple-pink duochrome with flakes that sparkle in every color of the rainbow! The base is a sheer jelly, but it’s quite possible to build it on it’s own. Or you could layer it over another color if you prefer that. I’ve used four coats for this, and I think it looks like water with glowing embers under the surface (that is, embers that turn green once in a while). I think it’s best to have some top coat over this, as it’s a little bit bumpy when it dries.

Sadly, it’s kinda hard to photograph, and I found that it looks most true to life when photographed under lamp light without flash. (Which reminds me, I really need to make a light box.) So no different lightings today, all are taken indoors without flash. (Please click to embiggen!)

020 [1024x768]

024 [1024x768]

025 [1024x768]

And the bottle is a work of art in itself!
029 [1024x768]

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D

My “First Aid Kit”

Hi guys, I’m back! Parents and in-laws left tonight, and we’ve had a great week together. Not much time for blogging, though, but now I have plenty of time to play with my polishes again.

No NOTD today (my nails are nearly nude, just a coat of Essie Millionails), but instead I wanted to share some pics of what I call my “first aid” kit.

Since I started this nail polish thing, I’ve found that I now have the need to carry around some tools that earlier were unfamiliar to a necessarily short-nailed nurse like me. Hand creme, emery boards, cuticle oil etcetera have recently found their way into my huge handbag, and I soon discovered that it would be much more practical to keep these items gathered rather than having them tumbling around freely with my cell phone, sunglasses, keys and such.

This week I finally got around to buying a small make-up bag and some new goodies to put in it (along with some oldies, hehe). Now I’m totally prepared for almost any nail-related happening when I’m out and about. :D

I bought this make up bag at Boots (which I love, by the way).

the bag

The contents!

1. Advil, just in case. Hehe.
2. Lancôme Juicy Tubes (Péche & Lychée).
3. OPI Avoplex cuticle oil.
4. Emery boards.
5. Trind glass file.
6. Rose cuticle oil (bought it because the bottle was so cute and it smells like roses, desperately impractical on the run, though).
7. OPI Avojuice mini lotions (Coconut Melon & Cran & Berry).

Do you too have kits like these, or maybe you have other cool and useful stuff in your handbags? :D

The Aftermath

I just want to thank all you wonderful girls for tips and comments on my “disaster” in the last post. You are awesome! :D

I never got around to buying press-on nails, and I don’t have time to fiddle with my nails right now anyway. My parents and parents-in-law are here this week, so nails are not first priority! So I decided to quit being such a whiny crybaby about my nails, and went for the “don’t cut your nails, wait for it to grow out and file the others a little bit to match”-line.

If you can bear looking at nubbies for a while, I guess I can, too. :)
Here’s the result:

Not quite even, but I’ll try to match them as the middle one grows out. (In case anyone is wondering, I’m wearing China Glaze Cowgirl Up!) Sorry about the crap quality of this pic, but my camera decided that flash is a big no-no.

Again a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave good advice! :D

Noooooo! (Darth Vader style.)

So today I was preparing the bedrooms for our parents’ arrival, and while battling with a stubborn pillow case, my middle finger nail broke off. It’s  broken all the way down, and I really REALLY don’t feel like filing down all the other nails to match it, since I’ve just grown my nails to a decent length.

What do you guys think I should do? I’m considering buying some press-on nails to wear on my middle finger until it grows out. Or do you think I should just chop them all off and sport super SUPER short nubbies for the next two months?

This is what we’re talking about here:

I’m a sad panda. Boo. :(

NOTD: OPI Malaga Wine

I know I’m on a no-buy, but I still picked up this polish from the OPI store here in Doha, and I’m so happy about it! OPI Malaga Wine is a deep, wine-red jelly-like polish, and I have no others like it.

As I said, it’s a red jelly, but the color changes from inside to outside. Indoors, it’s deep wine-red, almost burgundy, but outdoors it’s brighter and redder (if that’s a word). I love the color and finish, it’s ridicilously shiny! In the shade pic you can even see the reflection of the neighbour’s house on my nails.

Application is so good! I used four coats for this, and even if you see some visible nail line in these photos, I can’t see it IRL unless I’m holding my hand up against the light. You can also see how the color changes according to the light.

Sunlight and shade:
OPI Malaga Wine (sunlight)OPI Malaga Wine (shade)

With and without flash:
OPI Malaga Wine (flash)OPI Malaga Wine (no flash)

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D


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