Noooooo! (Darth Vader style.)

So today I was preparing the bedrooms for our parents’ arrival, and while battling with a stubborn pillow case, my middle finger nail broke off. It’s  broken all the way down, and I really REALLY don’t feel like filing down all the other nails to match it, since I’ve just grown my nails to a decent length.

What do you guys think I should do? I’m considering buying some press-on nails to wear on my middle finger until it grows out. Or do you think I should just chop them all off and sport super SUPER short nubbies for the next two months?

This is what we’re talking about here:

I’m a sad panda. Boo. :(

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  1. I wouldn’t chop them all off. It’s not too bad. Sorry you broke your nail. Just file the rest down a little bit and you’ll be fine. I’ve never used press on nails so I can’t help you with that.

    • Thank you, Lucy. :)

      I think I’ll go for the middle ground and use a press-on until it grows out a little, then file down the others to even it out eventually.

  2. When that happens to me, I cut them all. But that’s me. Your nails will grow back. :)

  3. I would not cut them down. Maybe do your NOTD pics with your other hand? Of course, this is coming from the woman who glued on her broken-off nail … and will continue to do so until it grows out, since it comes loose every time I change the patch LOL.

  4. It doesn’t look that bad to me…but hey they’re your hands, if you can stand having nails of different length or if you can stand press on nails then don’t cut them. I personaly can’t stand either so I’d cut them, but that’s just me ^^ Plus my nails grow really fast I could get that length in a week.

  5. Press-on or something. Especially if your nails grow that slowly. :)

  6. Du kanske kan få hjälp på en salong och få bara den nageln förlängd, tills den kommit ikapp?

  7. If it was me I would file the others down a little shorter until that one grows out. I had fake nails on a couple of weeks ago and I still have nasty indents in my fingernails from where the glue tore off and ripped layers of my nail off, I am still trying to repair them.. Good luck with whatever you decide.. :)

  8. I also added you to my blogroll, love your blog!

  9. Jeg ville ikke klippet de andre, det ser ikke så gale ut. :)

    Og de andre hadde en helt perfekt lengde! :D

    Bare fil dem litt når de vokser enda mer, så blir neglene sakte men sikkert likere.

    • Ja, det ble det som ble resultatet etter at jeg fikk summet meg litt. Ble bare så sur når den brakk helt ned når jeg endelig hadde fått “lange” negler. :)

  10. That is probably because you tried my wordpress blog. I actually deleted that one. I am used to blogspot but I wanted to try wordpress out and had used crazy4nails on wordpress first, I couldn’t get it after a couple of hours sitting on the computer, so I finally just deleted it and went back with blogspot. So my URL is

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