My “First Aid Kit”

Hi guys, I’m back! Parents and in-laws left tonight, and we’ve had a great week together. Not much time for blogging, though, but now I have plenty of time to play with my polishes again.

No NOTD today (my nails are nearly nude, just a coat of Essie Millionails), but instead I wanted to share some pics of what I call my “first aid” kit.

Since I started this nail polish thing, I’ve found that I now have the need to carry around some tools that earlier were unfamiliar to a necessarily short-nailed nurse like me. Hand creme, emery boards, cuticle oil etcetera have recently found their way into my huge handbag, and I soon discovered that it would be much more practical to keep these items gathered rather than having them tumbling around freely with my cell phone, sunglasses, keys and such.

This week I finally got around to buying a small make-up bag and some new goodies to put in it (along with some oldies, hehe). Now I’m totally prepared for almost any nail-related happening when I’m out and about. :D

I bought this make up bag at Boots (which I love, by the way).

the bag

The contents!

1. Advil, just in case. Hehe.
2. Lancôme Juicy Tubes (Péche & Lychée).
3. OPI Avoplex cuticle oil.
4. Emery boards.
5. Trind glass file.
6. Rose cuticle oil (bought it because the bottle was so cute and it smells like roses, desperately impractical on the run, though).
7. OPI Avojuice mini lotions (Coconut Melon & Cran & Berry).

Do you too have kits like these, or maybe you have other cool and useful stuff in your handbags? :D

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  1. Your “first aid” bag is really cute.
    I used to carry one around in my purse as well, though at the time it was more a “makeup emergency kit” with a couple eyeshadows, foundation samples and such things in it. Now I don’t have much room left in my purse anymore with the exta packet of baby wipes, baby bottle and nappies I carry around. It’s just another type of “first-aid kit” after all ^_^

  2. Så organiserad du är! =) Kul att kika i din väska!

    • Haha, takk! :D

      Jeg må ha orden, for ellers finner jeg ingenting. Vesken min er stor som en potetsekk, mannen min kaller den bare min “Big Bag”. ;)

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