NOTD: Nfu-Oh #51

I first saw this polish on Karianne’s blog this summer, and I was so awestruck! I had to have the beauty that’s Nfu-Oh #51! When I finally got it, I was practically carrying the bottle around wheezing “my precioussss”.

How can I describe this? It’s a blue-green-purple-pink duochrome with flakes that sparkle in every color of the rainbow! The base is a sheer jelly, but it’s quite possible to build it on it’s own. Or you could layer it over another color if you prefer that. I’ve used four coats for this, and I think it looks like water with glowing embers under the surface (that is, embers that turn green once in a while). I think it’s best to have some top coat over this, as it’s a little bit bumpy when it dries.

Sadly, it’s kinda hard to photograph, and I found that it looks most true to life when photographed under lamp light without flash. (Which reminds me, I really need to make a light box.) So no different lightings today, all are taken indoors without flash. (Please click to embiggen!)

020 [1024x768]

024 [1024x768]

025 [1024x768]

And the bottle is a work of art in itself!
029 [1024x768]

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D

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  1. This is my Holy Grail polish ever since I saw pictures of it…truth be told I’ve fantasized so much about it that I don’t dare buying it, I don’t want to be dispappointed (weird I know) ^_^

    I made (or more specifically my little bro made for me) a lightbox…it’s really cool to take bottle pics but I don’t like it that much for swatches.

    • I think I can understand your hesitation, but just go ahead and get it, it’s so pretty! :D

      Why don’t you like using a lightbox for swatches, exactly? I thought it would be great for swatches, for getting even lighting and stuff like that.

  2. it’s defenatly one of the most amazing sjades of nail polish :-) and it is on the top of my wish list for a long time… looks great on you!

  3. Well that’s probably just me but I haven’t yet found a way of taking the picture of my nails that is both comfortable and efficient.
    I almost always end up having weird shadows or having to put my hand in a weird position to be able to photography it.
    It might be because I’m not using any specific lighting except my camea flash or it might be because the box my brother made me is just a tad too small or it might be my legendary clumsiness…
    Anyways it’s really cheap to make and really practical for bottle pics so it’s a good accessory for us polish-freaks-bloggers (I even think hubby is going to get me a new one -that folds and has colored backgrounds- for Christmas; I saw him browsing ebay the other day ^_^ but shhh….)

    • Yes, it’s hard to get that perfect pic of the nails, I still haven’t found the right formula either. At least it would be fun to play with a light box though. :)
      I would love to be able to take beautiful pics like Michelle or Scrangie, those are perfect!

      Surprises from hubbies are the best! :D

  4. Great colour.. thats for sure :D

  5. Love this color! Where do I find it?

    • I bought it at, that’s an Estonian web shop that also ships to Scandinavia and some European countries. I know that sells Nfu-Oh in USA, but I’ve never used that shop myself. If you can’t find it there, I suggest trying Ebay. :)

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