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Orly Star Spangled

Hey guys, I have actual nail polish pics for you today! ;)

I seem to gravitate towards reds and vampies these days, so Orly Star Spangled is right up my alley. It has red glitter in a red jelly base. Sounds familiar, you say? Exactly, it’s a dupe for China Glaze Ruby Pumps, as far as I’m concerned. The only difference, if I have to nitpick, is that the glitter in Star Spangled is finer and not as irregular as Ruby Pumps’. If any of you fellow non-Americans have trouble getting China Glaze, this one is a more than adequate replacement for Ruby Pumps.

Application is flawless, I used three coats to get a really deep and sparkly color. It dries a little matte and bumpy on it’s own, so use a topcoat if you want a lot of shine and smoothness.

Take a look!
Here it is in sunlight and shade:

So what do you think of Orly’s version of the red glitter polish? Good enough to eat or just meh?
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D

China Glaze Coconut Kiss

Ok, I’m just going to be honest and say that I cannot for the life of me get an even remotely good pic of China Glaze Coconut Kiss, so I’ll admit defeat and simply refer you to Nailgal for pics of this. My camera refuses to show this one as anything but blue, and it’s not even similar to what it looks like in real life.

Coconut Kiss is a beautiful purple shimmer, and it’s been said it’s a near dupe of Nubar Pasadena Purple, which became infamous when Ginnifer Goodwin wore it in “He’s just not that into you”.
I was quite surprised when I applied this, because in the bottle it looks like a very pigmented metallic, but it’s actually quite sheer. The first coat was very watery, but three coats make it bottle color. I would call this a jelly-based shimmer.

Well, to avoid this being a totally disastrous and picture-less post, here’s a pic of my cat Gizmo looking fluffy as usual. I can’t wait for Christmas, when I’ll finally see him again! :D
(Besides, cat pics always make everything better.)

Sorry about the lack of polish pics, I hope the next polish won’t be as hard to photograph! If anyone has any tips on how to get good pics of purple, please let me know. ;)

China Glaze Skate Night

China Glaze Skate Night is a red-leaning purple from the Retro Diva collection. As the other divas it has fine shimmer and a deep, glowing color. I was a little disappointed as I thought it was a dupe for OPI Kinky In Helsinki, but I found out KIH has a blue flash that this one doesn’t. It’s also similar to China Glaze Cowgirl Up, but CU is also more on the blue/purple side. Still, I don’t think Skate Night is very unique in my collection, even though it is a beautiful color.

Application is good, a little runny at times, but quite ok. I used two coats, and that’s plenty.

Let’s see how it looks, shall we?
First pic is direct sunlight, second is shade.

Do you like it? What are your favorites from the Retro Diva Collection? :)

China Glaze QT

When I saw swatches of China Glaze QT, I just knew that I had to have it. It’s a gorgeous purple-pink (punk?) with fine holographic shimmer. The holo effect is much finer than the Kaleidoscope collection or OPI DS. It looks almost creme-like until the light hits it, then the holographic glitter really sparkles! I love this polish, I’ve been wearing it for four days straight!

Application was good, I had no problems with this. I used two coats, but one coat is almost opaque on it’s own. I used a ridge filler base coat, because this metallic formula shows every bump and ridge on the nails. I think it looks a little matte without topcoat, so if you really want it shiny, use a topcoat.

In these pictures you can really see the difference when the sunlight hits it.
Sunlight and shade.

Aaaand some macro goodness:

Don’t you just love holos? I know I do! :D
Have a nice day!

Gosh Golden Brown

I picked up Gosh Golden Brown at Vita when I was in Norway for our fall break. I love Vita, it’s a chain of health and beauty shops, and I always go there when I’m home.

Golden Brown truly lives up to it’s name, it’s both golden and brown. It has fine shimmer, almost foil-like. Application is divine, it goes on like butter. I used three coats.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit me at all! It’s way to yellow, and it makes my nails look nicotine-stained. :(
I tried wearing it for a day to see if it grew on my, but no luck. This is too bad, it looked so good in the bottle. I should have picked it’s “cousin”, Golden Bronze instead.

Here’s how it looks in sunlight and shade.

What do you think? Do any of you think you can pull off Golden Brown? ;)

Have a nice day! :D


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