NOTD: Dior Vernis Coppery Ginger

Sometimes I act really strangely. I get all excited about buying new nailpolish, and then I just put my new loot in my polish drawer and forget about it. That’s what happened with today’s polish, Dior Vernis Coppery Ginger.

So yesterday I was tidying up in said drawer, and I was going back and forth trying to decide which polish to use for my next mani. Eventually, I picked this one, and now I regret never trying it earlier.

Coppery Ginger really lives up to it’s name, being a light copper metallic. And it’s so shiny, it almost looks like I have small copper plates on my nails! It’s neutral, but not boring, and that’s how I like it.

Application is good, and I really like the flat shaped brush. Because of the metallic finish, expect brushstrokes! I have still not figured out how to apply metallics without getting brushstrokes, so for now I just have to live with it. Two coats make this one opaque.

I took a lot of pictures in different lighting, but the ones which came out best were taken in direct sunlight and indoors without flash. So that’s what you get! :D

Dior Coppery Ginger (sunlight)Dior Coppery Ginger (no flash)

What do you think of Coppery Ginger? And do you think it’s worth it to pay extra for “high-end” nailpolish?
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D

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  1. I think this polish is a really lovely warm shade, I have not yet seen a golden/coppery shade like it. Have you checked out ChG’s Khrome collection? they are gorgeous metallic color and, surprisingly enough, they are exempt of the “brush stroke” syndrom.

    I don’t have many higher end polishes, only 3 chanel ones, that are definitely NOT worth it in my opinion. Honestly I have drugstore polishes that apply a lot better and last a lot longer. However I admit that from time to time a more expensive polish can be considered as a very pleasant “treat” :)

    • I’ve seen the Khrome collection, but honestly I’m not that crazy about metallics. I don’t like how they show every little bump and ridge on my nails.

      I feel the same way about high end polishes, they are not better than drugstore polishes, but it’s nice to have some luxury once in a while. :)

  2. Pretty shade, though not for me. It has a soft quality to it. I have a couple of Chanel’s (not particularly worth it) and some Illamasqua (totally worth it) and some untrieds (Rocha, Estee Lauder)

  3. Hello ! nice color !
    I love your blog!
    I tagged you on my blog

  4. Ooh, this is so pretty! I really love this!

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