China Glaze Coconut Kiss

Ok, I’m just going to be honest and say that I cannot for the life of me get an even remotely good pic of China Glaze Coconut Kiss, so I’ll admit defeat and simply refer you to Nailgal for pics of this. My camera refuses to show this one as anything but blue, and it’s not even similar to what it looks like in real life.

Coconut Kiss is a beautiful purple shimmer, and it’s been said it’s a near dupe of Nubar Pasadena Purple, which became infamous when Ginnifer Goodwin wore it in “He’s just not that into you”.
I was quite surprised when I applied this, because in the bottle it looks like a very pigmented metallic, but it’s actually quite sheer. The first coat was very watery, but three coats make it bottle color. I would call this a jelly-based shimmer.

Well, to avoid this being a totally disastrous and picture-less post, here’s a pic of my cat Gizmo looking fluffy as usual. I can’t wait for Christmas, when I’ll finally see him again! :D
(Besides, cat pics always make everything better.)

Sorry about the lack of polish pics, I hope the next polish won’t be as hard to photograph! If anyone has any tips on how to get good pics of purple, please let me know. ;)

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  1. Digital cameras are not very good at rendering ruby red and purple tones. Alas. But a picture of sexy fluffy cat always forgive everything. ;)

  2. purples can be a pain in the behind to photograph, but your adorable cat largely makes up for the lack of pictures! ^_^

  3. Jag håller med, det är svårt att få rätt färg på bilderna. Jag hade Coconut Kiss förra veckan och jag älskar det! Mitt favoritlila hittills!

  4. Skjønne skjønne Gizmo!!<3

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