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OPI Holiday Glow

I needed something completely different from the pink frost, so how about a vampy glitter instead? :D

OPI Holiday Glow is from last year’s Holiday Wishes collection, it’s a dark chocolate brown base with lots and lots of beautiful gold and purple glitter. It’s not forbidden to wear holiday polishes in January, is it? Especially not when it’s as gorgeous as this one. I also think it looks great on shorter nails like mine.

The formula is great, not too thick or too runny. It’s quite sheer, but it builds beautifully. These pics are three coats, and that’s plenty to get bottle color. Another hit from OPI. :)

Thanks for looking, have a nice day! :D

Gosh Rose

I’m going totally out of my comfort zone today, but I’m not chickening out from showing you this mess! :D

Gosh Rose is a light pink (hmmm), sheer (ugh) frost (what was I thinking!!!). Ok, so I bought this in the beginning of my polish madness, so I didn’t exactly know what finishes I liked and didn’t like. I just needed a pink polish, and this was it! There’s really not a lot of interesting polishes to choose from in the stores where I live.

That was the disclaimer, let’s see what it looks like. It’s really sheer, so I didn’t try to make it opaque. Two coats in these pics. (I really like how it accentuates my lovely yellow nails. ;) )

Joking aside, it really gives the nails a kind of brighter, cleaner look. I think it would look best over a french manicure, or on those unicorns out there with non-yellowed nails. ;)

The formula is also really good, in spite of the frosty finish, I didn’t have any big streaking problems.

Do you have any shameful polishes in your stash? Please share! :D

Depend Nr. 172

Are you sick of OPI yet? I’m not, but I thought I’d give you a break, haha. ;)

This is Depend Nr. 172, an olive green creme. Another grungy color, which I like. I’m not loving it as much as Nr. 170, but that’s  a hard act to follow.

The formula on this one isn’t as good either. I needed two coats to get opacity, and the polish is a little bit on the thick side. But that’s just nitpicks, actually.

I’m sorry about the bubbles, I was having some topcoat issues.

So that’s Nr. 172 for ya! I really like Depend, but I’d wish that the bottles were a little bigger. When you think about it, 25 NOK for a meager 5 ml isn’t really that cheap…

Hope you’re having a good weekend. See  ya later! :D

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

Here’s yet another OPI from my last haul, from the France collection again: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!.

When I first saw swatches of this one, I didn’t like it at all. A dishwater-brown creme? Ugh. But then I started liking cremes more and more, and now it’s one of my favorite finishes. And then I realized how cool and complex this color actually is. I’ve seen it described as mushroom, taupe, greyish brown, and I think that it also leans a bit purple in some lights.

I think it’s really beautiful, and also work appropriate for those of you who need that. These types of dusty, muddy, greyed-out colors are also really in fashion right now, just look at one of Chanel’s new colors for spring 2010, Particulière.

The formula is every bit as wonderful as Parlez-Vous OPI?, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m wearing two thin coats.

Do you like Jacques, or do you still think it’s dishwater? ;)
Please leave a comment! :D

OPI DS Amethyst

So I told you about the DS polishes I picked up last week, and one of them was this beauty: OPI DS Amethyst.

I can’t even begin to describe how pretty this is. It’s lilac with tons of super fine holo that sparkle in the sunlight, but it’s still muted and sophisticated in low light. It’s a great alternative if you want to wear something neutral, but still with a little secret bling.

Application is as always immaculate. It’s a little bit more runny than the cremes, but I find that most holos are on the thin side. I have three thin coats over a ridge filler in these pics. My love affair with OPI is really on a roll these days, I’m telling you!

What do you think of the DS Series? Which colors do you have and which ones do you want?

See you later, thanks for looking! :D


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