China Glaze Branding Iron

We’re doing a 180 today, from silvery sci-fi foil to down-to-earth vampy shimmer.
China Glaze Branding Iron is from 2008’s awesome Rodeo Diva collection. It’s a deep, dark, lit-from-within shimmer which I absolutely adore! Colorwise, it’s either a brownish red or a reddish brown depending on the light. In the sunlight it’s totally breathtaking.

Check it out!

Application was a little tricky, the formula is a bit runny, but if you have some patience it’s ok. I used two coats and Poshé on top.

What do you think of Branding Iron? Do you love the Rodeo Diva collection as much as I do?

Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day! :D

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  1. The Rodeo Diva collection is one of my faves. Branding Iron is a beautiful color.

  2. Though I’m not into (for the time being!) dark polish, this i hot. I might just add it to my next polish-haul. :)

    • Oh cool! :)
      Be sure to check out some of the other polishes in the Rodeo Diva and Retro Diva collections, they are quite similar to this finish and really really beautiful!

  3. Rodeo Diva and Retro Diva are two of my favorite collections of all time.
    Why don’t I already have Branding Iron? Hmm – I’ll have get one on my next order.

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