China Glaze Paper Chasing

Today we have a sheer bright green shimmer from 2009’s Kicks Collection, China Glaze Paper Chasing. I was quite excited about this, but I was disappointed when I saw how sheer it was. I also think the color is a bit too bright on its own, so I decided to layer it over black. I used three coats of PC over black, because I didn’t want the black to shine through, I just wanted to deepen the green. The formula isn’t good, it’s very runny, and I also got some nasty bubbles.

Check it out!

I think the end result turned out pretty good. The black gives it a much needed depth and darkness. It reminds me of Uma Thurman’s Batman villain Poison Ivy. I think this would be a great combo for Halloween.

How have you “salvaged” polishes you didn’t like at first? Layering, frankening or something else? Please share your stories in the comment field.

Have a nice day! :D

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  1. I just bought that. Sad about the sheerness :(

  2. I hope your nails didn’t get stained by that damn polish! I’ve heard of so many people saying they got yellow nails after it, including myself :>

    • Aw, that’s too bad! I didn’t wear it for long, so there was no staining. I did get really yellow nails from wearing CG Entourage once, though! I guess it’s a green polish thing. :?

  3. Paper chasing is pretty! Looks nice on your nails!

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for leaving such kind comments on my blog! :) So nice of you xx

  4. It’s not the first time I’ve read someone was disappointed with PC :(
    However it looks really pretty over black, this is usually how I try to salvage the polishes that don’t have enough “va-voom” for me ^_^ I’m much to scared of definitely losing one of my lovelies in some frankening experiment.

    • Black with sheer polishes on top can be really stunning! I haven’t frankened a lot myself, but it’s exciting to try when you’re not using the polish anyway. :)

  5. I keep building up stuff that I figure I’ll use for frankening, but haven’t yet! This is pretty, I’m thinking it must be the fact you layered it over black.

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