Sephora Stormy Pink

Happy monday everyone! :D
Hope you’ve had a great weekend and that the week will be nice. :)

To start off the week, I’m wearing Sephora Stormy Pink. It’s a dark, dusty pink creme. Some might think it’s boring and old lady-ish, but I think it’s beautiful, sophisticated and very wearable.

The formula on this one is sooooo gooood! It’s just as good as the other Sephora I have, too bad they don’t have a lot of exciting colors in this brand, or else I would have bought hundreds of them. Do you hear me, Sephora!?
I’m wearing two coats in these pics.

Do you have any Sephoras? If so, what do you think of them? :)

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  1. Hi!
    I’vebeen following your blog for a while, and just starting my own.

    I don’t think this Sephora is lady-ish, I think it’s kinda vampy. The onøy Sephora I own is Metro Chic and Ocean loves Potion by Sephora by OPI. Love them. Especially Metro Chic which I always return to when indecided what to wear. :)

    • Hey! I’ll check out your blog for sure! :)

      Glad you like this polish. :)
      Those SOPIs you mentioned look great! Too bad they don’t have SOPI in “my” Sephora.

  2. I actually picked mine up from ebay. :)

    I see you’ve linked me on your blogroll. ;) That’s great. I can’t figure out why ine is not showing on the front page. Ghah!! :(

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