OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

Here’s yet another OPI from my last haul, from the France collection again: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!.

When I first saw swatches of this one, I didn’t like it at all. A dishwater-brown creme? Ugh. But then I started liking cremes more and more, and now it’s one of my favorite finishes. And then I realized how cool and complex this color actually is. I’ve seen it described as mushroom, taupe, greyish brown, and I think that it also leans a bit purple in some lights.

I think it’s really beautiful, and also work appropriate for those of you who need that. These types of dusty, muddy, greyed-out colors are also really in fashion right now, just look at one of Chanel’s new colors for spring 2010, Particulière.

The formula is every bit as wonderful as Parlez-Vous OPI?, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m wearing two thin coats.

Do you like Jacques, or do you still think it’s dishwater? ;)
Please leave a comment! :D

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  1. I have grown to like these as I have seen them swatched so much. I have even ordered CG Channelesque which is more mauve but still in this vague family (more like Parlez-vous OPI than Jacques). Also Nails Inc Jermyn St (but the one with glitter). I usually prefer much more outrageous polishes though.

    • Oh yes, both Channelesque and Jermyn St are beautiful. It’s nice to have some muted and soft colors to wear inbetween the outrageous ones, too. ;)

  2. Did my comment just dissappear, or did I just THINK of leaving one???


    This is such a gorgeous color, and your nails look so nice with this shade.

    I am too looking for that Particuliére, it’s gonna be fun to see if it shows up in Norway.

    @Jen: I’ve had CG Channelesque on m lemming for so long, but never got around getting it, as I have so many shades that are similar.

    • Thank you, LM. :)

      I’m definitely going to look for Particulière next time I’m in town! They have Chanel in every mall here, so at least there’s no lack of high end polishes. ;)

      • Good luck with that! :)

      • You’ll not get chanel Particuliere anywhere. Apparently Chanel have sold out everywhere, according to a chanel assisant. My friend has it and I tried it on, with a base coat and a top coat. As usual, as I find with ALL Chanel varnishes, fabulous colour, but rubbish lastability. Put it on at 4pm. By 11.30am two nails had chipped. By mid afternoon more nails had chipped.
        I’ve now just bought OPI You don’t Know Jacques. Ever so slightly darker (but nicer i think) and from all accounts, better lasting. And cheaper!
        Heres hoping!!

        • Oh well, there’s always Ebay. ;)
          I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep if I don’t get the Chanel anyway. :)

          • £80 “Buy now” on Ebay for chanel!!!! Or you can bid and pay way over the odds.

            This OPI is more or less the same colour and has got to be better at lasting than chanel. They ALL chip!!

          • Mandy,

            It’s nice to see that you’re concerned about me spending too much on what you consider to be a shitty polish, but don’t worry, it’s not a big deal to me to hunt down this polish. :)

            And I already have this OPI that’s quite similar, so I’m not going to get the Chanel if it’s way overpriced. :)

  3. I love them, I have $OPI Metro Chic and Nails Inc Jermyn Street amongst others, but not this one. Looks fab on you.

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