Gosh Rose

I’m going totally out of my comfort zone today, but I’m not chickening out from showing you this mess! :D

Gosh Rose is a light pink (hmmm), sheer (ugh) frost (what was I thinking!!!). Ok, so I bought this in the beginning of my polish madness, so I didn’t exactly know what finishes I liked and didn’t like. I just needed a pink polish, and this was it! There’s really not a lot of interesting polishes to choose from in the stores where I live.

That was the disclaimer, let’s see what it looks like. It’s really sheer, so I didn’t try to make it opaque. Two coats in these pics. (I really like how it accentuates my lovely yellow nails. ;) )

Joking aside, it really gives the nails a kind of brighter, cleaner look. I think it would look best over a french manicure, or on those unicorns out there with non-yellowed nails. ;)

The formula is also really good, in spite of the frosty finish, I didn’t have any big streaking problems.

Do you have any shameful polishes in your stash? Please share! :D

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  1. Oh hey it’s the first time I’ve ever been called a unicorn! lol
    Do you want to be one too?
    The secret is soaking you fingers weekly for 10 minutes in lukewarm water with a denture tablet in it…at least it works for me ;)
    (“unicorn” mwahahaha I love this, I’m going to have an image of me with a horn sticking out of my forehead in my mind for a while now! ^_^)

    This polishe wouldn’t be in my comfort zone either though I admit it does give your nails a very clean and nice look.

    • Hehehe, I just thought polish addicts with white nails were as rare as unicorns! :D
      Denture tablets, huh. Well, I don’t wear a lot of sheer polishes, but I’ll be sure to try it if I’m going to wear something revealing (on my nails, that is). ;)

  2. I think it looks good, but it’s way out of my comfort zone too. I have a LOT of shamefuls hidden in my stash. Sadly (heh!) it’s out of reach for the moment. But if I do put it on, I promise to be as heroic as you, and just post it. :)

    Denture tablet? Have to try that. Even if it’s part of the game, I HATE that my nails are yellow. Lucky unicorns. :D

    Have a lovely sunday.

    • Let us see them! :D

      I have to admit that I don’t like to post my failures here, but it’s fun to see a disaster from time to time, so I guess I have to show you both the good and the bad. ;)

  3. We all experience disasters from time to time I thought I would do that todya, actually, but it turned out just fine. Disasters are fun.

    Come to think of it, my first post was a bit shameful.
    *proud to be bold*
    :D :D :D

  4. I don’t think the color looks that bad on your nails, but I am not a big fan of sheers either, I need bold colors on my nails *grin* and yes, I have a pretty big “no-go” stash myself, but somehow I am still hoping that they will work out…I am crazy I guess

  5. I’m like you, I MUCH prefer bold colors to sheers! I just don’t wear them. I did have a failure, I didn’t even photograph it. I don’t remember the name of it, it was a while back, maybe the beginning of last summer?? It was a weird color NYC polish. Turquoise, sort of, and very sheer, and very shimmery.
    My nails are horribly yellowed! Ugh. That’s the main reason I don’t like sheers.

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