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China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

I have a lot of blue polishes in my untried stash. In particular, medium blues. I really love dark blues, but for some reason I’m not that into the lighter blues. (One can ask why I got them in the first place, I blame unconsciousness while buying. ;))  I thought I’d better swatch them to see what the deal is.

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea is a light blue polish with oodles of glass fleck glitter, it’s almost a foil finish. It’s from China Glaze’s 2008 Bahama Blues collection. I was quite apprehensive when applying this, the color just looks and feels weird on me. It gives me an unflattering washed out look. Bit of a shame, because in theory it’s actually a really beautiful polish. It sparkles wonderfully in the sunlight and it’s nice and shiny on the nail. This would be a great summer vacation polish.

Another thing I don’t like about this polish, is the formula. It’s so thin and runny, and really hard to control. It’s also very sheer, I’m wearing three coats in these pics, and I still can see a hint of visible nail line. Bummer.

So what do you think of this polish? Pretty pretty polish, or just weird alien-hands-making polish?

I’m not here. Or am I?

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a little heads up! I won’t have time for any blogging for the next two weeks, because we’re getting a flood of guests from Norway. We’re also going for a weekend trip to Dubai, so hopefully I’ll find a lot of pretty polishes over there!

But fear not, polish addicts! I’ve prepared a lot of posts for you, so please keep checking in while I’m away. Just bear in mind that if I don’t reply to your comments right away, it’s not because I don’t like you or anything! Please to be leaving the comments! ;)

See you later! :D

Sation Holiday Spirit

This goes to show you don’t have to be OPI or China Glaze to create awesome glitters. Super sparkly holographic glitter for $1.39? Yes, please! :D

I picked up Sation Holiday Spirit in an online haul, but I’ve never used it because I think it’s such a hassle having to layer polishes. I won’t mind from now on, though! This polish has lots and lots of silver holographic glitter in a very sheer, light grey jelly base. I’ve layered it over a black creme. In the shade, it looks like television static, but when the sunlight hits it – oh boy! Fireworks!

Here’s a really unfocused pic, as the rainbow effect won’t show up in focused pics:

Gorgeous, isn’t it? :D

The formula, as with most glitters, is quite moppy. I don’t mind, though. These pics are two coats of Holiday Spirit over black, finished with a thick coat of Poshé.

I’m so happy to find treasures like these! What less-known or cheap surprises have you found? :)
You can  buy this and other Sation polishes at Trans Design Inc. (Link in my sidebar.)

See you later, have a nice day! :D

Sephora Modern

I can’t just walk into a store that sells nailpolish and not buy a nailpolish or two (or ten), even though I went in there to buy other stuff. So the last time I was at Sephora (to buy mascara and foundation), I couldn’t resist throwing in one of these cuties. (They were right there on the counter, how could I not!?)

Sephora Modern (I think that’s the name of the color, I don’t have any other Sephora minis to compare) is blurple with blue and pink microshimmer. I can’t decide if it’s blue or purple, but it looks more dark blue in sun- and daylight, so I’m sticking with that. It’s a gorgeous color, not exactly unique, but I love these vampy polishes with a twist. The shimmer only shows up in bright sunlight, so it almost looks like a creme in low light.

The formula is quite thick and gloopy, but it’s not hard to apply. It’s opaque in two coats.

Are you strong enough to resist impulse buying pretty polishes, or do you have a will of steel? ;)

Have a nice day! :D

Gosh Ocean

This is one of the polishes which started all of this madness. Last spring, I saw it over at Karianne’s blog, and I couldn’t wait to go back to Norway for the summer so I could snatch up this beauty. Gosh Ocean was my very first lemming.

Ocean is a turquoise-blue-green metallic shimmer. It sparkles in the sunlight, but is metallic in the shade. I’ve captured the blue side of it in these pics, but remember that it’s more turqoise-green in real life.

I think the formula is good. My bottle was a little gloopy, but I’ve put quite a lot of thinner in it during the past few months, so it’s probably not the same as when I bought it. I’m wearing two coats in these pics, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a third. It’s very streaky, though, but that’s metallics for ya!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice weekend! :D


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