P2 Dangerous

Hi everyone, I’m back! In case you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet the last week, it’s because my sister came over from Norway. We’ve had a great time, but there wasn’t a lot of time for blogging, naturally. I had planned to make a lot of posts in advance, but then I came down with a cold for the third time this winter, so I didn’t have the energy to paint my nails. But at least I found some cool new polishes when sis and I went shopping, so I have some new stuff to show you.

But first I have to get this one out of the way. I’ve actually been RAOK‘ed! Totally out of the blue, chocaddict emailed me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to send me P2 Dangerous, because I had left a comment on her blog about how beautiful this polish was. I was speechless, what a nice surprise! Thank you, chocaddict! :D

But because of the atrocious post system in Qatar, she had to mail it to my mom’s house in Norway. And then my sister brought it with her when she came last week. Talk about your well-traveled polish! It came from Germany, through France to Norway, then via Turkey all the way to Qatar. The things we do for nailpolish!

So, without further ado, here are my pictures of this beautiful teal creme.

It’s a little more green in real life than in these pics, but still gorgeous. It’s nice and smooth in two coats. The color reminds me of the ocean.

Merci beaucoup, Marie! Tu es un ange! :D

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  1. *blushes*
    I’m really glad it finally got to you and in one piece too :) I was a little worried about that I admit, having never sent a bottle of nailpolish that far away before.

    It looks fantastic on you, I’m happy that you like it :)

  2. Welcome back, you’ve been missed. :)
    That is a truly, beautiful green.

  3. Ohmygosh that IS gorgeous. What a sweet blogger to send you the gift!

  4. I didn’t think I’d seen a post from you, but we got snowed in, so I haven’t been around and have missed a few days too! Glad you had fun :)
    This is really, really pretty! How nice of her. And what a journey that little bottle of polish had!
    PS I am tagging you on my blog for an award ♥

  5. Hope you’re out of the snow now! Hard to imagine it being so cold up north when it’s so nice and warm down here. :)
    Thanks for the tag! :D

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