YSL La Laque No 31

Here’s one of my half-forgotten polishes. I say half-forgotten, because I’ve actually tried it several times before, but every time I take it off immediately. It just looks awful on me, I have no idea why I bought it in the first place. YSL La Laque No 31 is a white foil, and I don’t like either the color nor the finish. I think I thought it was a silver glitter when I bought it, but it’s too opaque to layer.

The formula is actually great, so I won’t mind other YSL polishes if they’re as good as this one. Glides on beautifully, and the brush is excellent. After three coats I still have some visible nail line, but I draw the line and refuse to do more coats.

Can I take this off and go put on something more flattering now, please? ;)

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  1. Yes, you go and change it. :)
    I think it looks great on you, discrete and elegant, but I know the feeling of wanting a polish off off off. And hey: we’ve established that three coats is more than enough, espescialy with polishes that you don’t love. :)

    • You know, this actually grew on me. I didn’t take it off right away, and I actually got a lot of compliments for it. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. :)

  2. Den var jo ganske fin, da. Men litt dus, kanskje det er det som er uvant?
    Men den ser ut til å skinne og gi bra effekt, passer kanskje best hvis du skal ha litt diskret neglelakk som samtidig er raffinert.? :D

    Enig i at tre lag bør være mer enn nok, ja.

  3. I think this is a beautiful and very sophisticated polish when it comes to job interviews for example :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

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