Max Factor Nailfinity Fresh Rain

Here’s another one of those polishes I’ve put in my drawer and forgot to show you. I have actually used this a couple of times pre-blog, though.

Max Factor Nailfinity Fresh Rain is a light grey shimmer. I think the name is great, I think that was a big reason why I bought it in the first place. This one is beautiful and sparkly in sunlight, almost like silver, but not as flashy. In shade, it’s almost steel-like. I like it because it’s light, but not stark like a completely white polish. I don’t have China Glaze Cords, but I’d love to see how it looks compared to this.

The formula is good, a little thin, but not too thin. It’s quite sheer, so I had to use three coats. This polish has the tendency to be a little bit brushstroke-y, so you have to have that in mind when you apply it.

All in all, I really like this grey. It’s a nice alternative to silver, and it’s light without being too harsh.

Thanks for looking, guys! :D

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  1. Vi var vel gått over til norsk? Hehe.
    Dette er ikke en lakk jeg uten videre ville ha kjøpt, men den ser diskret og smatidig elegant ut på deg. Dessuten er jeg ikke akkurat vill etter Nailfinity; synes som du den er tynn. :)

    • Norsk eller engelsk, samme for meg. ;)

      Den tynne konsistensen gjør ikke så mye, synes jeg. Denne kjøpte jeg i sommer, da jeg nettopp hadde blitt hekta på neglelakk. Det er få alternativer å velge i når man ikke bor i by, så jeg måtte ta til takke med det jeg fant. ;)
      Synes denne er diskret og elegant, ja. :)

  2. That is a very beautiful silver pearly polish!

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