Gosh Ocean

This is one of the polishes which started all of this madness. Last spring, I saw it over at Karianne’s blog, and I couldn’t wait to go back to Norway for the summer so I could snatch up this beauty. Gosh Ocean was my very first lemming.

Ocean is a turquoise-blue-green metallic shimmer. It sparkles in the sunlight, but is metallic in the shade. I’ve captured the blue side of it in these pics, but remember that it’s more turqoise-green in real life.

I think the formula is good. My bottle was a little gloopy, but I’ve put quite a lot of thinner in it during the past few months, so it’s probably not the same as when I bought it. I’m wearing two coats in these pics, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a third. It’s very streaky, though, but that’s metallics for ya!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice weekend! :D

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  1. This is sooo funny!!! Today I bought exactly this one and went to lunch with a friend. She complemented my nail polish (the OPI wear test on the right hand and Green Is The New Jade on the left, go figure!!) and complained about never finding cool colors. So I got the Gosh out of my purse and handed it over. I love giving away polishes and make my friends happy.
    Obviously I love the color. :D

  2. Green Is The New Jade?????????!!!! HAHAHAHA.

    Jade Is The New Black *whispers*

    I didn’t even know that Gosh was reachable at Vita until a few days ago. I tilted, so to speak. :D

  3. Gosh Ocean! <3

    Den er kjempefin. Jeg bruker den stadig vekk, og har også hatt den med en hvit glitterlakk fra Depend oppå.

    Gosh Ocean har en nydelig turkis farge. :-))

  4. Oooh, gorgeous! I love it, and I love your pictures of it.

  5. What a beautiful mermaid color!

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