China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

I have a lot of blue polishes in my untried stash. In particular, medium blues. I really love dark blues, but for some reason I’m not that into the lighter blues. (One can ask why I got them in the first place, I blame unconsciousness while buying. ;))  I thought I’d better swatch them to see what the deal is.

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea is a light blue polish with oodles of glass fleck glitter, it’s almost a foil finish. It’s from China Glaze’s 2008 Bahama Blues collection. I was quite apprehensive when applying this, the color just looks and feels weird on me. It gives me an unflattering washed out look. Bit of a shame, because in theory it’s actually a really beautiful polish. It sparkles wonderfully in the sunlight and it’s nice and shiny on the nail. This would be a great summer vacation polish.

Another thing I don’t like about this polish, is the formula. It’s so thin and runny, and really hard to control. It’s also very sheer, I’m wearing three coats in these pics, and I still can see a hint of visible nail line. Bummer.

So what do you think of this polish? Pretty pretty polish, or just weird alien-hands-making polish?

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  1. This one didn’t really get to me. It’s not like an alien or something, just not my thing. That being said: You ver well find it in my untried stash. Hence buying unconsciousness … :D

  2. ooh i really want this one. which is funny cuz like you, i usually skip the light blues. but i just gravitate towards the glass flecked ones and this one is calling to me :D

  3. Jag köpte också Blue Island Iced Tea nyligen och blev besviken när jag såg lacket i flaskan. Det ser lite urvattnat och tråkigt ut. Håller tummarna för att jag ändrar mig när jag testat det själv! :-)

  4. I got this one because it was a glass fleck. I got a bunch of the Summer Days polishes and wanted a blue one that’s like them.

    I usually stay away from pale & cool blues too, but I actually really like this one. I got it in the Fall and when I put it on, it made me think about Winter coming soon. It’s just such a pretty icy blue, it totally says cold & snowy weather to me and cries for silver & white snowflakes on top.

  5. I love the “washed-out look” kind of colors as those go well with my skin color. I’ve got low-contrast coloring. Sometimes I have purchased some stuff in a bottle because I love the color as viewed from the outside of the bottle – only when I put it on, I realize it is extremely sheer. So I end up painting the tips white then putting the sheer color polish over the whole nail. I like that a lot. Also, it’s very popular here to create dark french tips and put some color sheer over the whole nail, so the sheer colors work well for that. Thanks for swatching these!

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