Bourjois Club à Miami #34

Isn’t it great when you find undiscovered, little gems in your collection? This one was last seen over a pink polish, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t really blown away. So I guess I forgot about it until I decided to spruce up my latest mani (not that Midnight In Moscow needs any sprucing up,  but anyway). Hello gorgeous!

It turns out that Bourjois Club à Miami #34 is a stunning gold shimmer with gold glitter and tiny gold flakies! Yummy! It doesn’t show up over lighter colors, but over this dark polish, it really stands out. This layering gives it almost an olive-like color. It reminds me of an ancient treasure, so beautiful. I’m really glad I decided to try it a second time. Application is great, I just needed one coat to get all of that sparkly goodness.

How beautiful is THAT?! :D

Have a nice day, polish-heads. ;)

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  1. I went back to see the last time you used the Bourjois, and Holy Molly the dark base really brings out its goodness!
    I think I have a couple of those stashed somewhere, I’ll really have to try them out. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Yes, this one really needs a dark base to stand out. Can’t wait to try it over dark blue, for instance Misa A Sin Worth Committing! :D

  2. Yummy, indeed! It looks like an edgyer version of MAC’s Seriously Hip. Which i LOVE, btw.

  3. Den var KUL!!

  4. Supersnygg kombo! Svart och guld är en klassiker!

  5. Oh my goodness, that’s GORGEOUS. I love it!

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