Nailstation Fake Blonde

Pastel cremes are very popular this spring, with brands like Illamasqua and Orly giving us light and soft colors in their new collections. nailstation fake blonde is a polish in the same vein, it’s a very very light lilac creme. In fact, it’s so light that it almost looks white on the nail. I’m not sure I like it on me, but maybe it’s because I’m not used to wearing polishes this light.

The formula is good, not too thin and not too thick. Unfortunately, it suffers from the light-polish-syndrome, meaning that it’s hard to get even. I did get a few bald-ish spots. Maybe it would have been better with a third coat?

I decided to add some Konad, because the white out-look freaked me out. I’ve used imageplate m3 and China Glaze Admire and Harmony for the stamping.

It’s very cute, in fact, it’s so cute I think I need to go puke a rainbow now. See ya later! :D

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  1. Hahahahahahaaaa!!! “Puke a rainbow”.
    *tørker lattertårer*
    Ja, det er veldig søtt. Får vel spy en regnbue jeg også … :lol:

  2. Haha, jag tyckte också “go puke a rainbow” var roligt uttryckt! Söt färg och det ser jämnt ut på bilderna i alla fall. :-)

    • Hehe, takk. Jeg vet ikke helt om jeg likte fargen så godt, så mulig jeg tilsetter en dråpe lilla eller noe sånt. Den ble bare alt for lys. :)

  3. Kult!! Den var så sykt knall-lys at den var kjempelekker. :D

  4. LMAO! Go puke a rainbow. Hahaha, that was too awesome. I love it with the Konad, and I understand why you don’t care for it – I’ve got a couple of light polishes that I’m not really fond of for the same reason.

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