Chanel Particulière

This is it! The taupe creme Chanel Particulière was a big hit in the nailpolish world when it was featured at the Chanel spring 2010 fashion show. It’s a part of Chanel’s spring 2010 makeup collection, Les Impressions de Chanel. The other two nailpolishes in this collection are Tendresse (pale pink) and Inattendu (sandy beige).

These taupes have been popping up everywhere lately, and this one is often compared to OPI You Don’t Know Jacques. Particulière is a bit lighter than OPI’s version. Laquermanic has a great comparison post with some of the different taupes out there.

I’m really glad I decided to pick this up, even though I thought it was really similar to OPI YDKJ. I love the lighter hue of the Chanel, it reminds me of chocolate milk. This is such a pretty, classy and sophisticated color, I just can’t stop checking out my nails.

The formula is just fantastic, creamy and smooth. It’s actually opaque after one coat, but I’m wearing two coats because I wanted to even out my application a bit. (Even though the formula is perfect, I’m not. ;)) The only thing I wish is that Chanel would change the shape of the handles on the bottles, I think it’s really hard to control the brush with just that little knob to hold on to. But I guess that wouldn’t work with the square lids anyway.

This Chanel is a winner for me, what do you guys think of it? :D

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  1. So you caved? ;) I’m glad you did.
    *whispers*: This has grown to be my favourite taupe. :lol:

  2. This color is just perfect! “Chanel” was very inspired when created this color!

  3. Åh, jag har gått från att tycka att Particuliére är tråkig till att jag måste, måste, måste ha den! Den ser verkligen classy ut! :-)

  4. Haha! Well, it’s an absolutely lovely color. Good for you! It looks great on you!

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