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I think I need a break from blogging.

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately, and I don’t like it when blogging becomes a chore I have to do rather than something fun and exciting. Then I look around at all of you guys’ gorgeous, creative and fabulous blogs, and I feel like mine is just feh. I don’t say that to get symphaty, but I feel like I need to get the spark back and think for a while about stuff I want to write about. If you have any requests or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! :D

We’re also heading towards the end of our stay here in Qatar, so I would like to spend my last weeks here just hanging out with friends and having fun. This weekend we’re going to stay in a hotel, go to dinner and a night club with a group of friends, I can’t wait! :D

So I leave you for now with this picture of how the weather can be here in Qatar. It’s not always sunshine, sometimes we have sandstorms and thunderstorms out of nowhere too!

Hope to see you soon! :D
Love, S.

Nailstation Dolled-Up

Another one from the Dubai haul, Nailstation Dolled-Up. I just love the names of these polishes, this is so fitting since it’s so close to “mannequin hands” on me. I think it will be come winter, when my tan has faded. ;)

This is a pinkish-beige or nude creme, so simple yet so classy. I was so pleasantly surprised by how pigmented this one was, I was expecting a very sheer polish, but it’s actually opaque in one thick or two thin coats! Here I’m wearing two. (Please excuse the horrible cuticles, ugh!)

I really like this, and I think I’ll be wearing this a lot when I start working again and I need something neutral and unassuming. :)

Nailstation Diamond Wedding

I’ve been wanting a silver glitter for a while, and I finally found it in Dubai. Nailstation Diamond Wedding has heaps and heaps of silver glitter in a clear base, which is perfect for layering. I haven’t tried it on its own, mostly because I fear that the removal will be hell. ;)

Let’s see it layered, shall we? Here it is over OPI Dating A Royal.

Ooooh, so sparkly! :D I love the blue and silver combo.
I also love how glitters look mattified, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

What do you prefer, shiny or matte? What other colors would you layer this with? :)

OPI DS Divine

We have to end this show with a bang, right? So what would fit better than the awesomeness that is OPI DS Divine? I swear, I adore all of the OPI DS’es, they are so perfect in any way. Great application, gorgeous colors and the best holo sparkle ever!

Divine also lives up to its name, just look at that explosion of bright fuchsia holo fireworks! (This is not the Japanese version, which is quite different.)

I’m quite proud of these pics, usually I battle to get the colors right and more often than not they end up being not quite accurate, but this time I think I nailed it. I even captured the hell out of the holographic glitter in the sunlight pic. Yay me! ;)

The formula is as I said, just great. It’s opaque in two thin coats, but a third coat makes the color more saturated, so I’m wearing three coats.

This is definitely a great party mani! :D

Thanks for checking out my OPI Week, have a nice weekend. :)

OPI Shorts Story

I was looking for the perfect pink creme for summer, and I found it in OPI Shorts Story. It’s a cute, bright, not-neon and not-pastel pink creme, and it looks great against tanned skin. It’s a color that just makes me happy! :D

The formula is great, not too thick and not too thin. Three coats make it all come together into smooth, shiny perfection.

So cute and summery! What is your favorite pink? :)


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