Marks & Spencer Spice Minis Part 1

Today I bring you the first half of the Spice Mini Collection from Marks & Spencer.

This set contains four mini (5 ml?) bottles of polish. They are all cremes, and they have earthy and “spicy” colors. The application is great, I’m wearing two coats in every pic.

I figured out during swatches that these are mini bottles of the “nail colour” brand, as you’ll see. They are not named, not even with numbers, so that’s a bit weird. They could have the name according to the larger bottles.

First out today is this cherry-color:

Checking out my stash, I found these colors that I thought would be dupes for this: Nail Colour Dark Magenta and Sephora Stormy Pink.

Well, as it turns out, this polish is Dark Magenta! I’m wearing the Spice polish on my index and ring, DM on the middle and Stormy Pink on my little finger. As you can see, SP is darker and not a dupe at all.

The next polish from this collection is a dark, brownish orange. Totally nothing I would choose if it wasn’t part of this set, but I actually kinda like it when it’s on. I don’t have any polishes similar to this in my stash.

That’s all for today, part 2 tomorrow! :D
Have a nice day!

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  1. I love the red one. The other one … hmmm … a little undecided. It’s like a darker version of OPI’s Ginger Bells. Or … ? Great swatches, you should do more of them! :lol:

    • I was thinking of Ginger Bells, too, but I don’t have it in my stash. It’s usually not the kind of color I like.

      Glad you like my swatches, there will be more of them this week! :D

  2. Nice! can’t wait for the other parts!

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