Marks & Spencer Jewel Minis

The Jewel Collection concludes Marks & Spencer Week!

This set has four jewel-y colors, which I love. There’s two cremes and two shimmers. All of them are opaque in two coats (the fuchsia might have needed another coat, though), and the formula is just as great as the other collections.

First we have a deep fuchsia creme (sorry about the awful application, it’s totally my own fault for polishing in the wind!):

Looking through the pink part of my collection, I thought maybe Illamasqua Grab and China Glaze Fly would be close to this color.

Which I’ve now proven they’re not. This jewel is darker than the two. Here we have the Jewel fuchsia on index and little finger, Grab on the middle and Fly on the ring finger. (Yes, I know Fly has shimmer, but I just wanted to compare the colors.)

Onwards! Here’s a totally unique flower in my stash, it’s a darkĀ  turquoise/teal shimmer. Totally awesome! It looks a lot more blue in this pic than in real life.

The third “jewel” is a deep, dark, royal blue shimmer. Gorgeous!

I love these kinds of blue shimmers, and my favorite is Misa A Sin Worth Committing. So of course I had to compare them.

Here I have the jewel on index and ring and Misa on middle and little. The jewel is darker than the Misa, otherwise they are quite similar.

Last, but not least, is this dark purple creme:

A dupe for Gosh Deep Purple, you say?

Why, yes, it is! I can’t even tell the difference in this pic, but I think it’s jewel purple on index and ring and Gosh on middle and little. Total dupe!


I hope you enjoyed this theme week!

I’d love to know if you’re interested in other theme weeks as well, I’m thinking about doing an OPI week, a nailstation week or a claire’s week. Please shout out if you have any preferences. :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend! :D

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  1. Oooh, nice – I’ve never thought to look in M&S for polish, wrongly assumed it would be all safe/dull colours – how wrong!

  2. Great polishes, really! :)
    I’ve thought of week themes myself. I think you should just do what ever pops into your mind, but nail station week sounds fun! :lol:

  3. Oh, btw: Nominated you for some love and sunshine on my blog. :)

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