Nailstation Dolled-Up

Another one from the Dubai haul, Nailstation Dolled-Up. I just love the names of these polishes, this is so fitting since it’s so close to “mannequin hands” on me. I think it will be come winter, when my tan has faded. ;)

This is a pinkish-beige or nude creme, so simple yet so classy. I was so pleasantly surprised by how pigmented this one was, I was expecting a very sheer polish, but it’s actually opaque in one thick or two thin coats! Here I’m wearing two. (Please excuse the horrible cuticles, ugh!)

I really like this, and I think I’ll be wearing this a lot when I start working again and I need something neutral and unassuming. :)

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  1. Lovely. Love nudes. :D

  2. I love colors like this – very nice!

  3. Jeg trenger denne i livet mitt! Håperhåperhåper de har den på Companys på Trondheim Torg, de fører Nailstation :)

    • Hvis de ikke har den der, så tror jeg sikkert de har den på den nye nettbutikken Norway Nails, de fører også nailstation. :)

      • Åh, det visste jeg jo faktisk! Jeg må ha fortrengt det i troen på at jeg kan klare å kun kjøpe én i butikk, mens det alltid blir flere fra nett….

        Fantastisk gøy med ny, norsk nettbutikk da, så får se om det ikke blir ei lita bestilling der – så får jeg heller prøve å anstrenge meg litt for å begrense meg :)

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