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I thought NYX Sue looked really cute in the bottle, but I’m not too crazy about it on the nail. It’s a pink shimmer/gold/peach duochrome, quite stunning in theory, right? I just don’t like how it looks on me. Yes, it has a wonderful gold flash in the sunlight, but indoors it kinda looks like a flat peach, and I’m not too fond of peach shimmers.

Take a look!

Another thing I dislike about this polish, is the sheerness. I used four coats for this mani, and I still have visible nail line. Do not want! Other than that, the formula is great. Glides on beautifully and all that. Just too bad I don’t like anything else about it. ;)

Better luck next time!
Love, S.

Claire’s 139

Hi again! :D

Today I present Claire’s 139, which is a light, pastel lilac creme. It’s very cute and fitting for spring, and also work-appropriate. It’s a polish that makes me happy when I look at it. Not at all unique, but a great and cheap alternative if you can’t get the more expensive pastels. The sunlight pic is the most color accurate.

Cute orĀ  what?!
The formula is quite nice, as most pastels it’s rather patchy at first, but it’s nice and smooth and opaque by the third coat.

Hope you like it!
Love, S.

Autograph Wild Plum

Hello everyone! Here I am, back in Norway at last. My suitcase was full of nailpolish, 15 kgs of nailpolish, can you believe it?! They all got here without much trouble, just a little topcoat leak. Luckily I had packed the polish in small ziplock bags, so I didn’t have to clean up more than 5 or 6 bottles after the spill. At least I’ll never travel anywhere with that much nailpolish in my luggage again (I hope)!

Well, no time to lose, am I right? Let’s see some of the untrieds already! Today I’m wearing Autograph Wild Plum, a plum shimmer with a heavy blue flash. Autograph is a brand from Marks & Spencer.

Since the weather in Norway isn’t as sunny as in Qatar, I have no outdoor pics for you. Here’s Wild Plum in lamp light and flash.

It’s a very pretty color, but maybe more suitable for late summer and fall. The blue flash really saves this one, I think it would be rather boring if it was just a plain plum shimmer.

The formula is ok, but a bit runny. I think a lot of it has to do with the long wand, a lot of polish gets caught up in it and runs down to the brush while you’re polishing. Just have that in mind, and you’ll be fine. I’ve used three coats for this one.

Hope you have a nice weekend, and congrats to Germany for winning the ESC!
Love, S.

OPI Mad As A Hatter

Here’s my take on OPI Mad As A Hatter, I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times already, but I just couldn’t help myself. ;)
I know I’ve commented on a lot of you guys’ swatches saying I didn’t like this one, but I’m so weird like that. At first I don’t like the polishes that get a lot of hype and lemmings, but then they grow on me and finally I just have to have them.

I don’t have a lot to say about this glitter-o-rama, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. :D

Three coats, excellent formula, bla bla bla. Wonderful! :)

This is the last transmission here from Qatar, tomorrow we’re going back to Norway for good! I really hope my nailpolishes survive the trip! :D

Have a nice day, everyone!
Love, S.

My lucky day!

We’re moving back to Norway in two days, so today I stopped by the OPI stand one last time to see if they had something interesting. And guess what I found! These two beauties:

Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland Collection. Movie sucks, nailpolishes own! I also bought an OPI DS called Vintage, but I totally forgot to take a pic in all the excitement, hehe. Sometimes I just love that Qatar is so behind on everything, where else can you find AA and MAAH nowadays?! The Hong Kong Collection was sold out though, that sucks.

Anyway, score! :D


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