Illamasqua Baptiste

Feast your eyes on the gorgeousness that is Illamasqua Baptiste! This deep royal purple shimmer is totally divine, it has that glowing from within quality that I love. I don’t really have a lot to say about this, just look at the pictures and let them speak for themselves. :)

Now, this is so much better formula-wise than the other Illamasqua I’ve tried, Baptiste is perfect! It’s not too thick and not too thin, it levels out automatically on the nail, and I didn’t have to do any cleanup at all! It’s like its programmed to fit your nail to a T. Now I understand the raving about the Illamasqua formula. I’ve used two coats here, which is just right in my book.

I guess all of you have heard about the TransDesign and OPI debacle lately. (If not, in short: TransDesign has raised their shipping prices outrageously and OPI are sueing TD among other online stores for selling their polishes unlicensed.) That means it’s harder for us Euro girls to purchase polishes from the US now. In light of this, I think Illamasqua is a great European alternative to brands like China Glaze and OPI which probably will be hard to find for us now. The only thing is that the price is much higher, that sucks… Also, if anyone has any tips on where to buy nailpolish online in Europe, please shout out! :D

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Love, S.

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  1. Oh, you’re back! Happy day! :-)

    Baptiste is a stunner! Needs to be mine one day for sure.

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