I thought NYX Sue looked really cute in the bottle, but I’m not too crazy about it on the nail. It’s a pink shimmer/gold/peach duochrome, quite stunning in theory, right? I just don’t like how it looks on me. Yes, it has a wonderful gold flash in the sunlight, but indoors it kinda looks like a flat peach, and I’m not too fond of peach shimmers.

Take a look!

Another thing I dislike about this polish, is the sheerness. I used four coats for this mani, and I still have visible nail line. Do not want! Other than that, the formula is great. Glides on beautifully and all that. Just too bad I don’t like anything else about it. ;)

Better luck next time!
Love, S.

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  1. Tja…hm…den var på en måte litt blass…?
    Skulle tro den ble penere på, men det var som du sier for lite fargetetthet eller fylde.

  2. Jag förstår lite vad du menar, jag brukar inte falla för den här typen av färger. De blir lite tråkiga på naglarna.

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