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Gosh Gasoline

I finally caved in and bought Gosh Gasoline at Vita the other day. I’ve been passing on this polish for a long time, but now it just spoke to me. Gosh is a dark magenta jelly with blue, pink and purple glitter, totally awesome if you ask me! It’s almost like a purple version of OPI Ink.

It’s pouring down outside today, so here are some indoors pics for you.

Macro goodie-ness!

The formula is really really good, it’s almost like it knows where to go by itself. And that’s good, because you’ll be stuck for a while painting your nails with this. It’s so sheer that you need four coats to get decent coverage, but it’s worth it to build that gorgeous glitter.

Thanks for stopping by again! Hope you’ll have a wonderful day. :D
Love, S.

My new rack & Nfu-OH 50 revisited

I got so sick of finding dupes in my stash because I had no idea what I really own and not, so I found out that I needed a wall hung polish rack to keep my polishes in. I ordered this 90 bottle rack off of Entity Norway a week ago, and today it arrived. My husband helped me put it up above my polishing desk, and I’m so in love with my new, well organized stash!

Yikes, it’s almost full, does that mean I have to stop buying nailpolish? Noooooo!!!

I thought I’d show you today’s mani as well. I’ve heard so much about the new flakie from Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure, so I got inspired to play with my flakies some more. I usually layer glitters or flakies over black, but I switched it around today, and layered Nfu-Oh 50 over white instead. This was much cooler than I imagined, it turned out a really soft pastel pink with flashes of pink, turquoise, blue, purple and peach. Stunning!

This picture shows how the flakies change color.

I really love the Nfu-Oh opals, and I’m already lemming more of them! I need another rack! Haha. ;)

I’m also so happy because I’ve finally found a method that keeps my polish from chipping instantly. I used to use base coat, polish, top coat (Poshé), and my polish would always chip on the next day or even sooner! Then I tried putting a regular, non-quick dry top coat under my Poshé, and it worked like a charm. It’s much better to change your polish because you want to, instead of because you have to.

Oh boy, this is a real marathon post! Feel free to tell me how you organize your stash, I love getting clever tips on keeping a tidy stash.
Thanks for looking, and don’t forget to join my giveaway!
Have a nice day! :D

Nailin’ It! Anniversary Giveaway!

The giveaway is now CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who participated. :)

My blog’s first anniversary is coming up, I can’t believe it! Has it already been a year of this madness? ;)

Of course, blogging wouldn’t be anything without my loyal readers. You make my day with your wonderful comments, I’m so happy to have “met” all of you in the nail polish blogosphere. And even if you’re just reading, I appreciate it tremendously. It’s only fair to show my appreciation with a small giveaway!

One lucky winner will recieve this loot!

Left to right:

  • Autograph Cerise
  • GOSH Gypsy Blue
  • OPI DS Vintage
  • Claire’s 163
  • Depend Nr. 197
  • Depend Nr. 199
  • Depend Nr. 54
  • Marks & Spencer nail colour azure blue
  • Marks & Spencer nail colour sherbet
  • Marks & Spencer nail colour jewel
  • nailstation péché mignon
  • nailstation la plage

Do you want to participate? Ok, here’s how it’s done!


  • Leave a comment in the comment section with your name or nick and a valid email so that I can contact you if you win (1 entry).

Optional extra entries

  • If you have a blog, write a post about this giveaway including the picture and linking back to my blog (1 additional entry).
  • Put my blog on your blogroll, or tell me in your comment if you already have my blog on your blogroll  (1 additional entry).
  • Please provide links for the optional entries in your entry comment.

Please keep all of your entries in one single comment, don’t enter until you’re sure you have all your entries covered! If you do not follow the rules, you will be disqualified.

This giveaway is open to everybody, world wide. The entries must be submitted before midnight July 11th, Norwegian time. A winner will be drawn randomly, I will then contact the winner by email. If the winner doesn’t reply within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn. The winner will be announced on the blog the following day.

Good luck! :D

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

Another goodie from the Hong Kong Collection, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. When I got this, I was like “Eh, why did I buy this, just another boring blue creme?”, but when I put it on I saw why. This has a nice, dusty quality which I love, I would place it in the same “family” as for instance Parlez-Vous OPI? and You Don’t Know Jacques. In Norwegian I would call this color “farmer’s blue” (bondeblå).

Unfortunately I didn’t capture the dustyness in these pics, it looks a little bit too bright here. It leans a little more greenish in real life.

I thought I had a dupe for this in nailstation haute voltige, but they are not dupes at all. Suzi is darker and more greyed out, while haute voltige is a bright sky blue.

The formula is great, albeit a teeeeensy bit on the thin side. It did have a tendency to flood my cuticles a little. But other than that, it’s great. You only need two coats, and it levels out automatically on the nails. This will certainly be a favorite. :)

Thanks for looking, have a nice day! :D
Love, S.

OPI DS Coronation

Hello! Today I’m going to show you a silver holo, OPI DS Coronation. I love the OPI DS’es, I think I need all of them. So far i have seven ;) Coronation doesn’t have a POW! In your face!-kind of holo, but it’s nice and sparkly in a muted way.

I decided to do a comparison with the only other silver holo I own, Make Up Store Greta. Coronation has a scattered, diamond dust holo, while Greta has a more uniform holo like the ChG OMG’s.

The formula is a little bit thin, but it’s easy to apply. I needed four coats to get it this opaque, like most of the DS’es this is quite sheer. Not much more to say about this one, other than I love it. I think it’s both sophisticated and exciting, a very versatile polish.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! :D
Love, S.


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