NYX Yuppies

And now for something completely different! From vibrant peachy neon to neutral, boring beige. I’m going back to work tonight, so I need something “invisible”, and this polish is certainly up for that task. (I’m not even supposed to wear nailpolish at work, but I hope this one can slide.) NYX Yuppies is a beige/nude/neutral creme, and I can’t say it even excites me nor disgusts me. It’s just there.
The only thing is that I think it looks a bit too yellow for my skin tone, so I think I’ll put a few drops of pink in it to make it match my tips.

The formula is good, I didn’t have any application problems. This is three coats, and I can still see some VNL, but I don’t think it matters. It just makes it look a bit more natural.

Can’t wait for the weekend to wear some of my bright polishes! :D At least Yuppies is safe for work. No heart attacks waiting to happen with this one. ;)

Have a nice day, everyone! Wish me luck!
Love, S.

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  1. Hm…it’s just there…det var igrunnen godt sagt. Det er bare en farge, ikke noe som frembringer noen reaksjon. Snålt igrunnen.

  2. Jeg byttet til Opi Suede ikveld…tenkte fram og tilbake…mintgrønn fra Isadora, en lys rosa fra Opi, den blå fra Depend….fram og tilbake, men den som kjentes riktig var Suede. Og da jeg fikk den på, falt alt på plass for ikveld. :D
    Sånn er det – en VET hvilken neglelakk som passer den dagen en tar den på! ;)

  3. Jag tycker faktiskt den här var lite spännande. Det ser ut som den ultimata nude-nyansen. :-)

  4. ooh what an unusual nude! i’m going to have to look for this one!

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