China Glaze Fairy Dust

Better late than never! This is China Glaze Fairy Dust, which came out in 2005 with the Fashion Fairy Collection. This holographic top coat became an instant hit in the nail community, and now I’ve finally gotten around to swatching it. I’ve never said I’m rushing into things! :D

As with most glitters, this is really hard to capture on photos. No matter how much it sparkles in real life (and it does, believe me), it’s incredibly camera shy. I’ve included some out of focus macro shots, because those tend to give the best impression of the firework-like sparkle of glitters.

Here is Fairy Dust layered over OPI Parlez-Vous OPI.

The formula is good, but you don’t need a lot anyway. I’ve just put one coat of FD over my mani from yesterday, but you can always put more coats if you’d like more holo goodness. I really like the effect, it’s a great layering polish for reviving dull manis. And I love holo, so that’s never wrong. :)

What’s your favorite polish for layering?

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  1. Hi hi,
    This is a really nice polish for layering.
    Amazingly, I have not heard of it.
    I must go and find it now!
    Thanks =)

  2. Really pretty. :)

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