Gift Haul & Swatches: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer

My parents have just got home from a week in Turkey, and my mom was super nice and brought back these polishes for me! What a pleasant surprise! :D

The brand is Golden Rose, an European brand that sells a wide range of cosmetics. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they seem to have a lot of different nail polishes according to their web site. The holos and glitters look awesome!

The polishes my mom got is the Paris brand, these are just 3 Euro a piece, so that’s quite affordable.
Let’s check out the swatches!

#71 is a black creme. Two coats.

#53 is a blue shimmer, three coats.

#54 is a camera shy purple shimmer. The first pic is not color accurate, while the second is. Four coats.

And finally, #88, which is a turquoise jelly/creme. It looks blue here, but it’s more greenish in real life. I got a real Chanel Nouvelle Vague-vibe from this one. 6 (!) coats.

The formula on these is pretty much perfect. Not too thick and not too thin, glides on beautifully. Except for the turqouise that needed 6 coats to be opaque, they are nice and easy to work with.  I actually like #88 best, so I guess I have a lot of painting in front of me. ;)

These aren’t very unique, and can easily be replaced with similar colors from other brands. Here are some comparisons with polishes from China Glaze. (I didn’t compare #71 to anything, because a black creme is a black creme is a black creme. You get it.)

Coconut Kiss and Golden Rose Paris #54 are pretty dupey.

Blue Paradise and Golden Rose Paris #53 are similar as well.

The only turquoise-ish CG I have is For Audrey, but Golden Rose Paris #88 doesn’t look like that at all.

How’s that for a surprise!? :D
This definitely got me interested in more of these Golden Rose polishes, I’ll keep an eye out for them from now on.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!
Love, S.

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  1. Love 88, but the black one is awesome too!

  2. your mom has great taste!
    The colours are so beautiful! But 6 coats for #88…phew!
    Maybe you should try applying a thin layer of white underneath to make it more opaque :) Thats what I do with creamy sheer colourful colours.

  3. Jag har inte hört talas om det här märket förut, men flaskorna var lite roliga. Min favorit av dessa är nog den svarta.

  4. Turkey is a nail polish heaven and GR is also a turkish brand, which is sold here in Turkey around 0,50€ but which is funny I can not found Holographic serie of golden rose anywhere in Turkey, altough they have it in their amerian online sale webpage :(
    Btw their multicolor diamonds serie lipglosses are also amazing, good dupe for MAC dazzleglass ;) here check it out

  5. Oh wow the purple looks so pretty!!

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