Claire’s Midnight Special

I’m continuing with the dark polishes, this time it’s a very dark blue shimmer from Claire’s. Now, this bottle doesn’t have a name, either it’s nameless or the label has fallen off. So I’m making up a name for it, and I thought Claire’s Midnight Special was quite fitting.

I really love how this looks, it’s so dark and almost black, but when the light hits it, the beautiful shimmer shows up. I’m a sucker for blue shimmers, so this one is a keeper for sure. I’d love to konad something gold over it, but I don’t have any gold konad polish yet.

Here it is compared to Misa A Sin Worth Committing, my ultimate blue shimmer.

Unfortunately, the formula is not so perfect. It’s thick and runny at the same time, and I had a hard time polishing with this one. Flooding of cuticles ahoy, and you can see that my cleanup is rather messy. It’s opaque in one thick or two thin (if you can get it to do thin!) coats.

Thank you for looking! Have a nice day. :D
Love, S.

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  1. It’s gorgeous! I have my eyes on Misa A Sin Worth Committing, as you say, it looks like the ultimate blue shimmer!

  2. Nice!!!

    Nesten vampyraktig, men på en bra måte! :D

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