My new rack & Nfu-OH 50 revisited

I got so sick of finding dupes in my stash because I had no idea what I really own and not, so I found out that I needed a wall hung polish rack to keep my polishes in. I ordered this 90 bottle rack off of Entity Norway a week ago, and today it arrived. My husband helped me put it up above my polishing desk, and I’m so in love with my new, well organized stash!

Yikes, it’s almost full, does that mean I have to stop buying nailpolish? Noooooo!!!

I thought I’d show you today’s mani as well. I’ve heard so much about the new flakie from Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure, so I got inspired to play with my flakies some more. I usually layer glitters or flakies over black, but I switched it around today, and layered Nfu-Oh 50 over white instead. This was much cooler than I imagined, it turned out a really soft pastel pink with flashes of pink, turquoise, blue, purple and peach. Stunning!

This picture shows how the flakies change color.

I really love the Nfu-Oh opals, and I’m already lemming more of them! I need another rack! Haha. ;)

I’m also so happy because I’ve finally found a method that keeps my polish from chipping instantly. I used to use base coat, polish, top coat (Poshé), and my polish would always chip on the next day or even sooner! Then I tried putting a regular, non-quick dry top coat under my Poshé, and it worked like a charm. It’s much better to change your polish because you want to, instead of because you have to.

Oh boy, this is a real marathon post! Feel free to tell me how you organize your stash, I love getting clever tips on keeping a tidy stash.
Thanks for looking, and don’t forget to join my giveaway!
Have a nice day! :D

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  1. I love that rack! Unfortunately I would need *drumroll* at least 12 of them. & that’s if I stopped buying polish (unlikely)! I keep my polish in Helmers, unworns in plastic shoeboxes. I’m putting together a stash post, I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow =)

  2. Nice rack(no pun intended)! I don’t suppose you’d be willing to tell me size, I found no info on the website..

    But boy are those ChG polishes cheap or what? Even after currency conversion NOK -> SEK…

  3. You can buy more of them and cover the whole wall instead of wallpaper! That would be lovely!

  4. TropicalChrome

    Organize? What is this organize of which you speak? :)

    Seriously, most of my polishes are sitting higgledy-piggledy all over my computer table and scanner. I’m looking for a filing cabinet that has the two small drawers on top and one large drawer on the bottom and I’ll use the small drawers for the polishes.

    It’s on my list of things to do Real Soon Now.

  5. Ååå så stilig!!!

    gratulerer med hyllen, den var flott. Herlig å ha alle neglelakkene så organisert!
    Datteren min fikk se hylla, og sa bestemt at “Sånn hylle skal jeg og ha når jeg blir voksen”. hehe.

  6. Nice rack! :P Hihi

    I love the combo with the NfuOh :)

  7. love that stash! So cool to have this overview and be able to assort all the shades!!
    I still keep my nail polishes in a box, but well, the funny thing is, that box is a new (bigger) one every week, when the old one gets too small…
    Nfu-oh over white? now THATs new! Looking great! What white did you use?

    • Hehe, I totally understand about the bigger boxes… I’m already planning on buying a Helmer! :D

      I used a random white I bought in Qatar, I don’t remember the brand or name, sorry.

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