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Claire’s Magic

It was one of those normal days when I was surfing around the web looking at nail blogs and other random nail related stuff. Eventually I stumbled on to a swatch of Claire’s Magic, and it was love at first sight! I knew I had to have it, and last week I got lucky and managed to acquire it in a swap.
(Have I told you how much I love swapping? It’s the best thing since sliced bread, I just love having packages of goodies in my mail box almost every day! And everyone’s happy!)

Magic was every bit as beautiful as I’d imagined, a gorgeous purple base with pink shimmer. It looks mostly purple in low light, but when the light hits it, the pink shimmer pops out glowing from the purple base. I’ve been running around putting my hands under every lamp I’ve seen since I put this on.

It’s so pretty, I can’t stand it! It actually reminds me of Nfu-Oh 51, just without the flakies. And it’s no small task standing up to what I think is The Prettiest Nail Polish In The World! This one might actually sail up and share the title for me.

Magic isn’t too tricky to apply, it is a little bit runny, but nothing I can’t live with. (But I could forgive a lot for this beauty!) It’s opaque in no more than two coats.


That’s about all the pretty I can take for one day. I want to know, what’s your favorite polish ever?

Thank you for reading, hope you’re having a wonderful day. :D
Love, S.

Nail Art Of The Day: Sponge & Sparkle

Hi, y’all!

I thought I’d start a new category called “Nail Art Of The Day”, in which you’ll see me dabble in different types of nail art (poorly). You haven’t seen much of nail art on this blog earlier, mostly because I suck at it and are too embarrased to show you my feeble attempts. But hopefully practice makes perfect, and maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it along the way. ;)

I thought I’d start with a mani I did with the sponging technique. What’s this, you say? It’s really not much more advanced than using a make up sponge to dab nail polish onto your nail. If you’re lucky, you might get a sort of gradient effect.

I used nailstation fake blonde and CND Amethyst Sparkle (which was generously gifted to me by Laquermanic, thank you honey!). In the front, you can see the sponge I used, just a regular make up sponge. It’s nice if it’s triangular like this, I think it’s easiest to use the corners of the sponge.

Before you start sponging, you need to have a dry mani as a base. Paint your nails with whatever color you like and wait for it to dry, it doesn’t have to be bone dry, but dry enough that the sponge doesn’t remove the base color. Put a drop of nail polish onto a paper or another surface you don’t mind getting dirty, then dab your sponge into the polish and onto your nail. I put nailstation fake blonde over yesterday’s Depend Nr. 200.

I don’t have a picture of the sponging itself, because it’s kinda hard to take pictures when I’m using both my hands for nail art! You’ll definitely get the hang of it, though, just play around with different amounts of polish on the sponge, and vary how hard you press down on the nail.

I topped off the whole thing with two coats of CND Amethyst Sparkle.

I think it looks really cute!

It even matches my roses!

That’s my first Nail Art Of The Day! Please let me know what you think, and don’t be afraid to give me suggestions or tips and tricks in the comment field.

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day. :D
Love, S.

Depend Nr. 200

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice sunday.

Today I’m going to show you one of my choices from the Depend summer collection 2010. I think this is such a cute collection, the colors just scream summer. You have everything from pink to green to blue, beautiful summer colors.

I chose Depend Nr. 200 to show you first. This is a rose pink creme, I don’t have a dupe for this in my stash. Very pretty and unique, it almost has a kind of slight dusty quality to it. I know I say this all the time, but this is a real summer polish!

Now, please excuse that big fat bubble on my index finger! It’s not Depend’s fault, it’s because my topcoat decided to be stupid.

The formula isn’t as flawless as I’m used to with Depend. I almost wonder if they’ve changed their formula, because the summer collection polishes don’t smell as plastic-y as the other Depends I have. This is of course just speculation from my side. Depend Nr. 200 has that pastel syndrome, so it’s wont to bald spots. I tried swatching it on it’s own, but it plays so much better with a basecoat to grip on to and a topcoat to smooth everything out. I’ve used two coats of color here.

What do you think of Nr. 200? Which colors did you like from Depend’s summer collection? Please leave a comment!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

Make Up Store Siw

Some of you may remember that I mentioned buying some Helmers a couple of weeks ago. Our nearest IKEA is in a town called Trondheim, which is about 2, 5 hours drive from here. Of course, we couldn’t drive all that way and not check out some other stores? So I quickly stopped by Make Up Store and picked up this awesome beauty, Make Up Store Siw.

Siw is a gorgeous baby blue holo, in the same family as Greta (I really have to swatch this again, wow, those pics are awful). Holy cow, is this ever HOLO! It’s one of the coolest holo polishes I’ve ever seen! It looks a little boring, matte and muted when it’s not in the light, but it’s still cute and pretty. But in direct light it just goes BAM and there’s a huge rainbow on your nails! I don’t have any other light blue holos, but from the pictures I’ve seen online, this looks like a lighter version of China Glaze DV8.

I would recommend you don’t wear a topcoat with this one, because it really diffuses the holo effect significantly. I guess I can live with a chippy polish as long as I have that awesome rainbow for a day. ;)

The formula is good, it’s thin, but not runny. It’s a bit tricky to apply, though, because you can’t go over the same spot twice without getting bald spots. That’s not a big problem, it all smooths out with a second or third coat. I’m wearing three coats, but it’s actually opaque after two. And I have to say, I just love the brush in these polishes! It’s a little bit stiffer than most  brushes, and I think it gives me much more control when I’m applying the polish.

Big love for this one! I just regret I didn’t get the last two colors as well. ;)
Make Up Store has a wide range of polishes in different colors and finishes, and the holos come in four colors: Greta (silver), Siw (blue), Britt (pink) and Madeleine (beige).

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day. :)
Love, S.

Essie Not Just A Pretty Face

Hello, everyone! :D

Long time, no see! It’s been a busy-ish week, last weekend I was at a family reunion party, and we had such a great time. Driving home, my sister laughed so hard that she had to stop the car, because she couldn’t see the road!

As great as last weekend was, the following week has been rather glum, it’s been raining cats and dogs and ELEPHANTS for five days, so I haven’t really been in a swatching mood. I don’t like how my pics turn out in lamp light, I prefer sunlight.

Today the sun finally showed itself again, and to celebrate I put on my very first Essie polish, called Essie Not Just A Pretty Face. This is from Essie’s 2009 Summer collection, and I love this beigeish, dusty pink creme. I think it’s pretty and neutral when you don’t really want something flashy. It’s almost a mannequin hands color to me, and it makes my fingers look longer.

I’m not too crazy about the formula, it feels thick and runny at the same time. It wanted to flood my cuticles all the time, such a hassle for a polish that I want to be low maintenance. It’s very streaky on the first coat, but it levels out eventually. I used three coats, you can still see some VNL in the pictures, but it’s not visible in real life.

All in all, some ups and downs, but I kinda like it anyway. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, you guys! Have a wonderful weekend! :D
Love, S.


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