Essie Not Just A Pretty Face

Hello, everyone! :D

Long time, no see! It’s been a busy-ish week, last weekend I was at a family reunion party, and we had such a great time. Driving home, my sister laughed so hard that she had to stop the car, because she couldn’t see the road!

As great as last weekend was, the following week has been rather glum, it’s been raining cats and dogs and ELEPHANTS for five days, so I haven’t really been in a swatching mood. I don’t like how my pics turn out in lamp light, I prefer sunlight.

Today the sun finally showed itself again, and to celebrate I put on my very first Essie polish, called Essie Not Just A Pretty Face. This is from Essie’s 2009 Summer collection, and I love this beigeish, dusty pink creme. I think it’s pretty and neutral when you don’t really want something flashy. It’s almost a mannequin hands color to me, and it makes my fingers look longer.

I’m not too crazy about the formula, it feels thick and runny at the same time. It wanted to flood my cuticles all the time, such a hassle for a polish that I want to be low maintenance. It’s very streaky on the first coat, but it levels out eventually. I used three coats, you can still see some VNL in the pictures, but it’s not visible in real life.

All in all, some ups and downs, but I kinda like it anyway. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, you guys! Have a wonderful weekend! :D
Love, S.

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  1. new design! I like it!
    As for the Essie shape – i lost track of all the nude-colours of Essie, every time i stand in front of the colours all i see is rose-beigeish shades. Now that I see it on your nails, I feel like I’ve been missing something by not buying a single one of them yet (:

  2. I love this shade! Seeing your swatches makes me think I should really buy this now!!

  3. Jag gillar denna! Nude är min favvo! :)

  4. I know this comment is like a year late, but I ADORE this colour on you.
    In fact, it was after looking at this swatch that I decided to purchase my own…but it looks totally different on me *cries* It’s so much more…pink, like a dusty rose pink and to be honest, I’m really disappointed! I wanted the colour to be like yours!
    Oh Well =(

    • Thank you! I love how this color looks too, but it chips like crazy on me! :(
      Maybe you could try some of the neutrals from the OPI Japan collection instead? They are pretty similar, but Miso Happy With This Color is pink-toned, Let Them Eat Rice Cake is blue-toned and Have A Tempura Tantrum is yellow-toned. :)

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