Make Up Store Siw

Some of you may remember that I mentioned buying some Helmers a couple of weeks ago. Our nearest IKEA is in a town called Trondheim, which is about 2, 5 hours drive from here. Of course, we couldn’t drive all that way and not check out some other stores? So I quickly stopped by Make Up Store and picked up this awesome beauty, Make Up Store Siw.

Siw is a gorgeous baby blue holo, in the same family as Greta (I really have to swatch this again, wow, those pics are awful). Holy cow, is this ever HOLO! It’s one of the coolest holo polishes I’ve ever seen! It looks a little boring, matte and muted when it’s not in the light, but it’s still cute and pretty. But in direct light it just goes BAM and there’s a huge rainbow on your nails! I don’t have any other light blue holos, but from the pictures I’ve seen online, this looks like a lighter version of China Glaze DV8.

I would recommend you don’t wear a topcoat with this one, because it really diffuses the holo effect significantly. I guess I can live with a chippy polish as long as I have that awesome rainbow for a day. ;)

The formula is good, it’s thin, but not runny. It’s a bit tricky to apply, though, because you can’t go over the same spot twice without getting bald spots. That’s not a big problem, it all smooths out with a second or third coat. I’m wearing three coats, but it’s actually opaque after two. And I have to say, I just love the brush in these polishes! It’s a little bit stiffer than most  brushes, and I think it gives me much more control when I’m applying the polish.

Big love for this one! I just regret I didn’t get the last two colors as well. ;)
Make Up Store has a wide range of polishes in different colors and finishes, and the holos come in four colors: Greta (silver), Siw (blue), Britt (pink) and Madeleine (beige).

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day. :)
Love, S.

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  1. so great how you captured the holo-effect on cam!!
    I heard that the struggle with applying these holos gets significantly less if you apply the “Aqua Fix” Coat from MAK first. Yesterday I found a base coat that is supposed to do the same thing, GOSH 565 Fix Base Coat and I bought it because it was reduced (:
    Will try that one under the MAK-holos next time!

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!

    Vil ha…. :-))

    Den var knallstilig!!

    Ser du har nytt design på bloggen, fant nesten ikke kommentarfeltet. hihi men blir nok fort vant til det :)

  3. wowza i love that! holos look great on you girl :)

  4. Hvem er det egentlig som selger make-up store sine produkter? Jeg finner dem ikke noe sted her.

  5. Den er så kul!! :D Vil ha Greta! :)
    Hvor mye koster den? :) Håper den ikke er så dyr :/

  6. Takk! :D Har du noen anelse om de pleier å ha salg i butikken sin? :)
    Og hvordan er kvaliteten (varer den lenge), flasser den, osv? :) Jeg skjønte ikke helt hva du mente med: ” I can live with a chippy polish as long as I have that awesome rainbow for a day.” Betyr det at den flasser og bare holder en dag? Sorry, er ikke så god i engelsk :)

    • Jeg vet ikke om de pleier å ha salg, jeg bor 20 mil unna nærmeste Make Up Store, så jeg er ikke der så ofte. :)
      Disse holografiske lakkene varer ikke så lenge, nei, men det er ikke på grunn av at det er et dårlig merke eller noe sånt. Det er bare typisk for holo, dessverre, de flasser utrolig fort.

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